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Thank you for the warm welcome guys!

I really look forward to sharing my expirence and knowledge with you guys.

Thanks for adding the link Steve and thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us via this good forum.


I have 3 goto machine's that I leave in europe specially for treasure hunting as they all serve particular purposes and complement eachother.

1_ the minelab gpx4800

2_ the minelab ctx3030

3_ the garrett infinium

When I first arrive at my hunt location I get up to a vantage point and survey

The area then I grab my 4800 and 18in sef coil and walk around quickly covering ground looking for sighns of settlement or conflict, basicly im looking for period specific junk or items.

Once I locate an area with period specific items I ask myself these questions:

What is the average depth of the soil?

Is there alot of iron junk or other junk?

How big is the area?

Do I think there is any unexploded ordanence in the ground?

Then I make my decisions as to what detector is going to best suit my needs.

But most of the time as the ground is relativly shallow where I hunt I use the CTX so if I had to pick one detector it would be the CTX.

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I hunt the beaches more than the deserts to tell the truth.


I've got a 5000, an eTrac, SE Pro, 3030 and a Gold Bug Pro and my first detector a Whites 6000 Di Pro.


I added the 17" to the 3030 and it helps me find deeper objects under a thick sand beach.  It has easily paid for itself as all of my other machines (except the GB Pro)!


You challenge yourself more than I do with your trips.  I need to do more research and go exotic also.



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Hey there dale I have been watching your videos for awhile now, what's happened to you guys that there are no more trips for us to check out, I have been hunting for awhile now but just recently got my own detector and your videos helped alot

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Unfortunately Dale has not visited here in a couple months. He did however pretty much answer this question on a previous thread.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Dale

Welcome to the forum.

I went overseas in 2017 and I am still here.Bought Equinox and Garret AT Pro and enjoy going detecting.

I am detecting in your neighbourhood when you come in Europe if you want to catch up for detect socially let me know.(send me a message if you prefer as I speak local languages as I was born here).Your mate Dave met me couple times and we got together in Cairns for a dinner and little chat. 

I enjoy it as a hobby and its first time I use this type of detecting.Come across some very interesting things and some coins.

It a hobby and I donate my finds to museums.Its a trill of find which doest it for me.

Still I miss gold detecting in Australia.

Good luck and look forward to see yours new videos.



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