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what can guy small scale do if he has plenty of pyrite ????? whats u do if theres no free mill gold just sulfides ?? theres   a old prophry copper gold mine about 30 miles west of this area  ..... am in a hydrothermal zone with thermal vents and a river at the base  in this area never seen anyone find any gold in this area only 20 miles south ........ could the heavy sands from this area also maybe have sulfide trapped gold ????      i seen the chinese about 20 miles north are interested in the heavy sand in different river maybe rare earth metals or gold ??? ...i know theres magnetite and what looks like chalcopyrite , iron pyrite , arsenopyrite, .....where the steam comes out the rocks are covered with green material and maybe 10% of the large rocks look like they are bleeding rust  .....am not a miner so any information on what to look for or what to do would be very helpful ....so far am just metal detecting looking  nuggets no luck .....

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I am sorry this got missed for so long. If you are metal detecting for gold nuggets you do not need to worry about gold in sulphides or even much about geology. All you really need to do is historical research and property ownership research. Check out my guide on how to look for gold nuggets with a metal detector.


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