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Reasons Not To Get A Minelab GPZ 7000

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I stumbled across this old post, I wasn't around when this was posted, but it's a very good post, and just as relevant today with whatever the new flavour of the month is.  I certainly understand the excitement of new detectors and I'm often one of the little puppy dogs jumping up and down with excitement too, but this initial post brings it all back to reality.

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Reason #6: Out of warranty repair cost.

Minelab repair centers do not get schematics because of risk of IP theft from China that cost millions to deal with.  Thus, replacement boards cost a *** fortune. That would be fine if we were asking to buy a board. But if we are asking to replace one, no, that’s a ripoff as they know our board is the real deal and their price is 50 times what it cost to make.


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