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Found In A Wash Today

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found this today in a wash below and old mine, any ideas as to what it might be.

Got it with my Equinox 800 in park 1, was looking for possible coins, had the 6 inch coil, sure sounded good.


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I believe its an old lug wrench. Used a cross bar with a square hole in it to turn what you have. Needed due to the depth of the older truck wheels

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It’s a tool to take the lug nuts off your car. One end with the blade on it is to pop the hubcaps off. It’s one more part out there to make it complete. That’s my take on it .


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kind of what I was thinking, but have never seen a straight one..don't matter, I found it , now it is mine

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Wow, looked it up, now that I had an idea where to start, showed one listed as fitting a 1988  to 1989 Chevy truck

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    • By M1dn1ghtN1nj4
      So my next project is nearly complete already.  I've designed a "mini gold cube".  Same general idea and layout, but each "tray" is only 11" long, and 6" wide.  About half the width of the real Gold Cube.  The underflow loop is exactly the same dimensions as the Gold Cube as well, to make calculations easier.
      I've read that the Gold Cube is set to run on 1100GPH.  Since mine is half that width, I would assume that 500GPH would be fine.  Also, my trays are set at 9 degrees (just how it worked out).
      Is that an appropriate flow rate?

    • By Alluminati
      Here is another one for you guys to figure out. I haven't the slightest clue, this one makes my head hurt.
      It was found in the water. This old bay has an insane asylum built on it dating from the late 1800's. It is also has a ghost town, a failed colonial type trading settlement dating from around 1825. Before that it was a native village but I think it's safe to say this is not native American.
      It has three stars, or starfish? and a small hole on each side.
      It measures about an inch across.
      It weighs about 17 grams but has at least some sand and clay remaining inside.
      There is no way you guys are going to guess what it is.

    • By Hard Prospector
      I've been a dedicated White's guy for over 20 years of detectors;  GM VSAT,  GMT,  MXT,  TDI, TDI SL (X2) , TDI PRO, SGT and the GMZ....(remember that detector?) so I suppose I feel just a bit  "entitled" to talk a little bit  $h*T  here.  I  know the company's gone through engineering and management upheavals in recent years anyway,  staying  loyal to this company as been a tough journey.  I'm glad they finally  did something to up date the Goldmaster series with the 24k. Five to ten years too late......maybe and time will tell. The industry has changed in a big way in just the last year.  Too bad they couldn't have also made the appropriate  power and tuning up grades to the TDI SL  as well  (which has already been done  by talented do - it- yourself tinkerers out there and sold on ebay).  I know the SL now comes with new paint and a straight rod ......so what!  I just could not wait any longer and anyone who watches the classifieds has seen my TDI fire sale  recently. Sorry for the "sour grapes attitude" but I just had to vent. On a more positive note  and for this single frequency detector,  I can see the 24K showing good promise in tailing pile work.  Sorry for the rant,  its been building for a LONG time! 
    • By Alluminati
      Today I had a look at the shaft that my father put together for his 800. I thought it turned out very well, so I thought I would take a few pictures to share here.
      We looked at a few options but ultimately thought a true one piece shaft was best and easiest.
      Based on a previous conversation I had with an experienced water hunter on here, we figured it would be alright to run the carbon fiber almost all the way to the coil.
      The lower fiberglass factory shaft was cut down to about 6" and secured into the inanimate carbon tube with epoxy. This, along with the lack of clamps really reduced the weight. A couple of holes for the armrest and pod completed the project. Looks like he even got the button on the end of the shaft too.
      I will be doing something similar with mine, although I still think I want to try a kevlar shaft just for fun as it is basically transparent to RF.
      I'm in the process of finding one with the right diameters tonight. The main thing for me is to get the 0.875" O.D. (~22mm) to fit the pod, i can modify the lower piece if need be, or print a new one.
      I'll also tilt the handle a little bit towards myself.
      I love this because it is light and simple.


    • By scoopjohnb
      Getting geared up for my beach hunting season. Not the usual sunny day morning clad hunts.
      I like to go behind big winter tides, preferably with a hefty sea ripping into the beach giving me some cuts to work.
      Pretty use to the Excal running in pinpoint mode and my SDC hunting with a SAT. Trying to figure out how I can fool a NOX 800 into thinking its an Excal.
      The Nox 800 has allready given me some gold in Beach 1 and pretty basic settings, just curious if I can really get her to Hunt in pinpoint mode with a SAT.
    • By And
      Hi everybody,
      I'm a european prospector. I use shovel. sluice, pan, pry bars and crevice tools in creeks in Europe and Alaska. Till now, I had a Whites GMT VLF detector, to check my spots after I worked them, i.e. to check if I missed some gold. I rarely go prospecting with a detector on large areas, like the aussie or US pros. Now I broke my GMT (after 10 years). I have three options for replacement:
      - a new Whites GMT, i.e. staying with VLF
      - SDC 2300
      - GPZ 7000 (I could buy a used one from a friend)
      It seems to me, the GMT and SDC are better for my application, as they have small coils and are light etc. When I check my spots in the creeks, its often narrow between rocks etc. and I'm not able to make large sweeps with the coil. But the GPZ obviously is far better in depth.
      My question: Is the GPZ also practical for detecting in creeks between rocks etc, as I described above? Or is it only practical to detect large areas like the aussie or US pros?
      Many thanks in advance for your appreciated advice!