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Professor Hester

"Thank You" to all the Men and Boys at This Forum

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He did mention in his Amazon author biography that he has/had terminal cancer. Let's hope he's okay.

I searched and couldn't find his death.

What's interesting though some of his books were published in 2017

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Why all the Conspiracy theories, I have been a member here for years and just vanish for a few months or a year at a time, ??

My Self I have good reason to do so Having had open Heart Surgery late last year and the Death of my Mom this year, It's been a rough time and life takes over and steers you where it thinks you should be instead of where you want to be, I did not plan on either of these events but those are the Cards I was Dealt, So I gotta live with it,

No one knows whats going on in this guys life, And it's wrong to think the worst about someone just because they haven't shown up in a while, This past year for me has proven to me that I am not Bulletproof and God Beats with a Big Stick,

As for what or why, I am not going to comment about this guy for a simple reason, None of us know what is round the next corner and my troubles are a prime example of how powerless we humans really are.

It's best to enjoy your life and those who you share your life with and worry about making the most of the good times we share with those who really matter,


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He's still around, maybe he just never took to metal detecting or he's just too busy. 



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On 3/10/2015 at 3:59 PM, Professor Hester said:

I want to give a sincere "Thank You!" to Steve Herschbach, Reno Chris, Ivans Garage, Snake Jim, Mike Hillis, RickUK, AZBlackbird, and Sourdough Scott who all responded to my dumb questions.

I tried to match up the requirements, as you told me, of a metal detector for gold nuggets and coins:

* High frequency

* Ground balance

But I could not find a metal detector in my price range of ($300-$350) that met those two requirements I am back to square one and I guess I will not be purchasing a metal detector at this time. At least I now know what to look for and I am no longer completely ignorant. I am disappointed but I will get over it.

I will recommend your forum to anyone. You guys spent your own time to help me. It doesn't get any better than that.

Thank again.

Professor Hester

This forum is unique!!When i want my head to be full of tech chat or geology tales i just log in et voila.


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      I'm just wondering if this has been asked before ?
      When I purchased my Equinox 800 the shop told me that the multi-iq is not available when in gold mode, only 40 and 20 kHz. In the manual it if I understand it correctly it says that in gold mode you have multi, 40 and 20khz modes. My question is
      In gold mode is the multi, all frequencies 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40khz or is it only scanning 20 and 40khz in gold modes.
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      I have located two gold mines that I have access to after much research.
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      the other is in the side of a creek bank about 2 feet high. No sign of tailings pile, so I guess just hunt the creek with my Equinox 800 and 6" coil in front of the mine and down stream and on both sides of the creek in case they had their washer equipment set up at that location.
      both sites are rather remote so should not be much trash in the area.
      thanks for any help.
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