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calabash digger

First Relic Hunt With X35 Coil. 1813 Coin Found.

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Right on man.

Once the honeymoon is over do you think you will have a preference between the Equinox 800 and the Deus X35?

Ill also ask the question in the context of you being a more general detectorist rather then you being primarily a relic hunter where TID is not as important.

I'm really curious because I based my decision to get the Deus originally from your videos. I patiently waited while there was that lul in your Equinox videos, when you got them going again it was a easy decision for me, I'm a big Minelab fan anyway.

My question has no consequence other then my own curiosity, every one wants to feel like they made the right decision. My old man also watches your videos, I'm sure he second guessed himself a bit when he saw your latest X35 video lolol. (He just sold his Deus for a Equinox) Not a big deal, I still have some Deus gear around. We are probably going to play around with the X35 and maybe some second hand HF coils in the garden.

Anyhow, thanks for the videos, I really enjoy the common sense, straight shooting comparisons.

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Both have there strengths …. Relic hunting in iron Deus hands down. Open field cleaner ground I like the Equinox. High emi areas I can run the Equinox there too. The Nox will hunt iron too but the Deus handles it better. If I could only have one for relics it would be the Deus.

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I agree the Deus is a great audio machine for relics. For my more general purpose detecting, I like something with a bit more resolution beyond ferrous/nonferrous. I relic hunt too, just a lot of my sites are mixed with modern debris. I don't do a ton of rural hunting where its just iron. Up here a lot of good stuff/history density is along the water's edge.

I have been finding the Equinox to be a lot deeper for a given recovery speed, which is nice because I feel less of the need to be changing frequencies or recovery speed as much.  I'm using 7 out of 8 recovery speed and digging targets at depths that would need reactivity of 2.5 to get with the Deus. The Deus was a breakthrough with it's versatility, with that versatility comes decisions.  (Do I hunt sifter or do I hunt deep?)

The Minelab is more comfortable at hunting deep. That last little bit of numerical ID that the Minelabs have is what has always made them stand out. It has found some things that the Deus wouldn't see. The Deus is fast OR moderately deep, however the Equinox is pretty fast AND pretty deep.

Man really tough decisions, they are both excellent machines.

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In my soil the Deus and Nox are close. Seems like the deus has a edge on deep targets here in my soil. The signal doesn't get as broken up as the Nox. I run a reactivity of 2 and then 2.5 in a heavy iron site but the majority of time I run a 2. At 2 its like the equinox on 6 as far as depth goes. I do like the Nox in more modern trash too and really like the quietness it runs in the field . It makes the deep stuff easy to hear. I like both machines but like you know they both have their places.

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Yes they both have their places.

The Deus audio is more descriptive as far as shape and a good non-ferrous tone vs the Equinox will give you a deep number, jumpy as it may be. That is what gives the Equinox the edge in modern trash, being able to still detect deep high conductor coins and relics below the modern trash layer.  I can happily hunt a Deus lite audio only in modern trash and be quite successful, but its not for everyone.

Before the FBS machines only had 26 tones I think. That concerned me about the Equinox, however once I read that the Equinox had 50 tones I was basically sold. It doesn't quite rip on the audio like the 100 + Deus tones, but it is a step in the right direction.

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    • By Cowkiller
      I got a equinox 800 last week and my first two hunts i got nothing good. Watched you tube til I found the end of coin shooting. I made adjustments and bam one 1943 mercury dime, some wheats a 1967 peso and a cool brass button that reads California Highway Patrol. The picture I took sucks sorry about that. Whats the best way to clean these guys up? youtube is all over the map....

    • By steveg
      ...a pretty good day by Oklahoma standards! 

      These came from a grassy area between an old hospital, and an old church; my hunting buddies managed some other goodies -- including two Mercs, a couple of IHPs, several wheats, and a Buffalo nickel.

    • By relicmeister
      This weekend I went to a cool new location with multiple late 19th century cellar holes. Was using my Orx with 9” X35 at 17 KHz   
          A few interesting relics found but by far the best find was this 1864 2- cent piece which is in really nice condition with a great patina. Only my second 2- cent but the first was smoked by the fertilizer used in the park it was found in. Could barely identify it. 
          I’ll be going back to the spot multiple times as I haven’t even explored the area yet.  Also found an 1884 IHP
        Figured I’d post as the XP forum has been a little slow of late. 

    • By calabash digger
      Found this with Equinox 800 on a early site..

    • By Bash
      After a bit of a drought of finding cool coins with the Equinox, I found another V nickel detecting in the neighbors parking strip in between thunderstorms.  It was pretty worn and pitted, and not of any numismatic value, so I cleaned it up a bit.

    • By Againstmywill
      Went to the same location where I had 42 quarters. I used the same settings, but this time I swung the Samurai sword 15" coil. I had a bit more time today (11:20-1:20), but the humidity was really oppressive. No mosquitoes this time because they don't even want to be out in the Florida heat!
      I believe 55 quarters is a first for me in 2 hours. If I were not the one going up and down all those times, I would not believe these coins all came from 2 hours of detecting. Most were within the first few inches, so they were a quick dig. With all the stuff dug, that is an average of about 1 item a minute. I think I know what I can save up for...knee replacemnts!
      I left a scad of dimes in the ground, so there are still plenty of targets for my friend. 😁
      The bracelet was a STRONG 9-10. It looked amazing coming out of the ground, but it was not silver. There was also an iPod Nano, but my son snagged it in hopes of cleaning it up.
      Now, time to focus on the jewelry!

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