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Minelab Equinox Update Released


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50 minutes ago, TerryinHawaii said:

On my newest Equinox, I had no problems installing the update.  But on my original Equinox, it kept saying that it did  not recognize it.  I then used a rubber eraser to clean the 4 contacts on the control pod.  Problem solved.  I did a little air testing and my newest unit is now more stable with possible more depth too.

And where do I get an eraser at this time of night?  LOL!!!!  

Looks like I'm gonna have to go to a school yard and find that aluminum eraser tip of a pencil.....

Thanks for the tip!!!!

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8 minutes ago, LoyalistDigger said:

When did you purchase you detector? Gonna try your method tomorrow.

I got my detector around 12 Feb.

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1 hour ago, Johnnysalami1957 said:

I had some "not responding" issue also so I ran it in Windows compatibility mode and it worked fine. Win 7 64 . Ran Win XP compatibility mode and worked.


Seeing as I had no pencil eraser to clean the contacts, I turned the machine on and plugged it in. I ran the MUU in WinXP compatibility mode also. Started updating in seconds.

Why it works like that is beyond me.....

Thanks everyone for the ideas and hints. JohnnySalami, I salute you!!! ? 



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Well, my Nox 600 would not update at first--app just kept telling me to connect the detector.  But, I noticed that when I went to close the app, it had stopped running; so it seemed it was a problem of the app not being compatible with my Windows 7 system. I right clicked on the .exe file and selected "Troubleshoot compatibility" and then allowed it to run using the resulting compatibility mode, which was Windows XP (service pack 2). This worked.  Not sure what flavor of Windows Minelab tested the app under, but they should test it with a wider selection.

The Nox seems to work as before the update, with a coin on my floor, but not yet tested in the field.  So far, so good :)

BTW, the app is an .exe file, and once you've downloaded the app successfully, the browser type should no longer matter.

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Worked well for me using Win 10. The only issue I saw was that the documentation said the detector must stay on during the update. When mine updated, I turned it on like it said to do, but then it shut itself off and did the update. I unplugged the cable when the software said that the update was complete.

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I was connected but didn't turn on my detector.  As soon as it went on the software recognized it was attached and updated almost automatically.


I'll be using it later tonight.

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5 hours ago, Walter S. Fowler said:

Also having problem even downloading the Minelab Update Utility to my computer.  Computer is a Apple MacBook Pro with all the minimum system requirements present.  Couldn't download MUU using Safari so tried Chrome and that didn't work either.  I typed in the long Utility address and comes up not found.  Am i going to have to send back my Equinox back to the factory to get new update??? Very frustrating to say the least. 

Walt, bring it by my office, I'll upload it for you.

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I guess I'll have to be the unlucky one here today. Cannot update for the life of me and I've tried all angles that I can think of... and the suggestions in this thread. 

Installed/uninstalled 4 updates, changed windows compatability mode, disabled anti virus, connected with power on both ways for laptop & machine, took the eraser to the connections, plugged it in with power on, power off, plug in, plug out.... all to no avail.

Will be calling Minelab on Thursday morning. 

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