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Gold Monster Backpacking

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All - I thought I would share an idea on carrying your gold monster.  This is more for those of you that hike very far before you are ready to detect, or maybe you already have your hands full with another detector like a GPX or GPZ.  It is not an original idea but one I saw recently for carry spare fishing poles.  I recently tried it on a night hunt and really liked how it handled.  It allowed me to use my GPZ and then switch to my GM1000 when I hit the bedrock.  A major caveat is that I have converted my GPZ to telescoping rods, but I think the idea might still be useful for some people.

For starters, this is for people who have made their own stand with PVC pipe fittings.  you simply remove the elbow at the end of the stand so that you have a straight piece at the end.  This is key, because the first contact point is low on your Camelpak (or other backpack). 

For this low contact point, you need a zip tie or similar method to make a loop.  This is where you put the pole end of the GM1000, then you swing it over your shoulder and hook it to a caribiner that is latched to a high point of the backpack, typically the carrying handle.  I used a caribiner but you could sew a velcro loop on there with back pack clips.  There are many ways of doing this.  Whichever way you choose, don't forget to bring the stand with you. ?




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Here is one more pic to show the bottom loop connection.  The point of all of this is to be able to put the GM on and off without taking off the backpack.


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Good thinking Andy.

Your quick release idea could also be applicable to other detectors. I don't do much backpacking prospecting anymore but that would have been useful on one memorable expedition - but that's another story - - - :smile: 

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    • By flakmagnet
      Since people are chatting up new stems, I would like to recommend a three piece telescoping replacement for the stock Equinox stem. I received it today and love it. It is super lightweight, simple to assemble (I did it so it's simple), it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I don't make a habit of putting up ad's for equipment unless I am pretty sure they are first rate and I believe this shaft meets that standard. 
      I took a couple of quick shots of it after I closed it up to it's shortest length. They also included a nice cover for the Eq. control box which I also have shown.
      Take a look at their website and see what you think

    • By eagleseye
      Hello everybody,
      can I use the Golden Mask Shaft (converted for the Equinox) in salt water?
      Are there metallic parts that will be corroded / oxidized by being submerged in ocean/sea ?
      Editor's Note - this thread was split from an older existing thread about the Golden Mask aftermarket rod

    • By Condor
      I really needed the Equinox on a collapsible shaft so that I can put it in my backpack or stow it on the Rokon for riding cross country.  I already had the Golden Mask shaft that I had modified for the Deus, so I started tinkering.  The original Equinox shaft has a smaller diameter than the Golden Mask, so the shaft mounts will not mate up directly.  I took the dremel tool and relieved the areas around the screw holes just enough to get the Nox handle brain/screen section to snug up to the Mask shaft.  I removed the original Mask handle and fitted the Nox in the same location.  (Mask handle is bolted and glued to the shaft, it takes some work to get them apart.)  I then used longer NOX sized metric bolts (shown below)  snugged them into the NOX handle around the Mask shaft.  Its a very tight fit so the bolts end up a little bent.  I then cut the heads off the bolts to make them more or less studs.  I cut and drilled a hose clamp band, fitted it over the studs, then pulled them down tight over the shaft with a nut and washer combination.  I added a little black paint and the whole thing is really stable.  I'll had a little black Duct tape to the whole mess so that it doesn't hang up on my shirt or pants. 
      It collapses to 24 inches and fully extends to about 50 inches.  The Golden Mask shafts are all carbon fiber so corrosion, weight and shaft wobble are not a problem.  I gave it a test run this morning was quite impressed.  For whatever reason I can not explain, my bump falsing was cut by about half.  That was the first thing I noticed so I went through all the set up functions to make sure I hadn't accidentally changed something like Sens or Recovery.  Nope, all my same settings, but now a noticeable reduction in bump sensitivity.  I don't know how, but I'm liking it a whole lot better now.   

    • By calabash digger
      He made this custom 28 inch dive shaft for me....

    • By PG-Prospecting
      From back in May when i first found my little nugget patch.  Some of the smaller pieces of gold in this spot would ring up to the iron side, but since almost every target in this spot is gold, it shows you that on small gold the probability indicator should be ignored.  Some nice gold for only an hour or so spent detecting.  Will have more videos to come, im slowly working through my backlog.  
      Thanks for watching!
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