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Copper Arrowhead Found

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7 hours ago, BigSkyGuy said:

Do you have a picture that you could post? It would be interesting to see one intact. Thanks

I will have to look but will post a pic when I find it.

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Very cool.  Nice find BSG.

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We find kettle points closer to where I am. They date from the 1650's or so. The Mohawk made the points from metal they traded with missionaries. 

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Ah, didn't realize this was a revived thread...

Great find! What a neat piece of history.

In the Mohawk Valley of NY you can find similar ones. But hey were getting their kettle brass from Jesuit Missionaries.

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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Went to Oregon on Saturday and scored one of these babies. I don't find them often (less than 10 in 40+ yrs of MD'ing) but when I do, it puts a smile on my face. Pay attention to those little odd finds so you don't throw them out. I'd love to see some of the ones you other hunters have saved, so please show some pics.  I'm sure the Aussies have a few as well.  Last pic shows the weight.

    • By kac
      Was stomping around the old cellar hole area and came across old pony horseshoe about 5" wide, nice bronze oar lock towards the lake, a domed shaped low silver content plate that I guess is from some pottery and has a nice pattern on it and lastly a military button that I thought was brass but is gold plated? Button is just under 5/8" dia, pretty small. Back is missing the loop but there is writing but that is filled in. I am a bit scared to clean it more. Has hand with sword on front on grooved background. Stars going completely around and some writing that I don't want to damage trying to clean. Not sure if anyone has come across a button like this before.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      My good friend RJ was scouting an area to detect and his eye catches something not so normal.  Very cool video and heck of a history save.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Check out the condition of this 2000 year Roman dagger when found and then after nine months of restoration work.
    • By Chase Goldman
      Got a coveted invite to a productive PA permission and it resulted in a rare, but awesome couple hours relic hunting in February. Weather cooperated and the ground was relatively soft and not frozen from recent rains so we snuck out for some February relic fun.

      Was using the ORX, and though it did not hit on its namesake gold, it pretty much nailed plenty of keeper silver, brass, and lead.

      First hit was a well worn, 1854 Seated Quarter - a good omen and kept my silver streak at the site alive. With the skunk out of the way early, the Seated recovery basically set the tone that everything else found would be gravy.

      Next hit a 1925 SLQ in decent shape. A couple minie balls later, got a plow damaged Eagle and a nice flat button with some reverse gold guilt.

      Finally, hit on my highlight find of the day, my first CW Confederate Infantry Block "I" uniform button in great shape! Was kind of speechless after I realized what I had dug.

      Cleaned up with some additional minies including a Spencer carbine (lower left in the group pic, originally thought it was a Merrill)

      Couldn't have asked for a more in the three hours we were there (well I could have asked for more, but that would be just plain greedy).

      Used the ORX exclusively with the 9" round HF coil and Gold Mode in 14 and 30 khz. It is a very capable and affordable alternative to the Deus for relic hunting and the ORX Gold mode seems to be more refined than the Gold Field on the Deus, such that it is my go to multiple, single frequency machine for relic hunting now.
      Enjoy the pics.

    • By DetectorMoe
      Went digging few days ago, 2-12-20, and pop out a bucket lister.
      Bucket lister is this Block "A" button. No markings on the back so a local button.

      Very long spoon handle

      Thimble and a boot tap..

      I believe this is a lever to locking down a window?

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