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Steve Herschbach

Gold Hits Six-Week High

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SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Gold climbed to its highest in nearly six weeks on Monday as a dip in equities lifted bullion's safe-haven appeal and improved investor confidence in the metal.


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 Lots of intrigue in the gold market these days. I just sold a good handful so the price should go up considerably.

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If a refiner would take just $1000.00 at atime, we would not need to pay tax on it. I wounder if they keep a running total for the year? That is what can get you. I have a oz. of about 22k, and one of 14k, and one mixed of 10,14,and 18k. I think i will just keep it till gold gose to $3000.00 an oz. 

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 The last thing a refiner wants to do is be at odds with the IRS. The only time you are not subject to taxes is when you exchange for like product.

Avoiding taxes is smart. Evading taxes is illegal. Please be careful and wise.

 If gold goes to 3k other commodities will likely rise also so the relative value won"t change much. With the exception of a few short term price spikes it has  been that way all through history.

   DISCLAIMER: I aint to smart and I'm a wee bit "touched".

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