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Truly a stunning and historic find. We have many accounts of true bonanza ore finds, but almost no photos documenting what real bonanza ore looks like. Almost all the stuff in the old days was crushed and smelted with no photos taken.

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    • By Mc30
      was good to get out to the golden triangle again after lockdown, picked up these 

    • By afreakofnature
      So I have been watching some Parker's Trials and Aussie Gold Hunters.......... 😉
      But on both shows now they say that if you "peg" a claim it is considered Pending and can be "prospected" (aka metal detected) by the public for about 8-12 months until it is no longer Pending.  Is this really true?  Do people peg to throw other prospectors off?  Like send them on a wild goose chase? 😄  In the US I am sure that would not fly at all.  I mean you do the work to find a good claim and then people can see on Tengraph where it is and go to town on it.  There would be for sure some shooting going on. 😄  
      So as long as you have a Miner's Right, do a little research on gold bearing areas, find some Pending claims in those areas, then you are good to go?  Is this how a lot of detectorists hunt in WA?
    • By phrunt
      There has been a lot of  talk lately about gold being found on or off bedrock, I've personally done well finding gold in soil, even my biggest bit to date has been in soil.  JW found this little soil ridge well up above bedrock, it's soil all the way to ground level 50 to 100 feet below along the top of the ridge, as you go down the sides of it the gold disappeared, oddly right at the top of this ridge has been a very productive spot for gold for us both.  We did a number of posts about it at the time last summer when we were going there on the bike ride of death along a little track with a big drop.
      Today I was given a couple of videos of more gold being found and again the gold was in soil so I thought I'd show you the videos.  Gold is where you find it 🙂 Rules don't seem to apply.
      These two videos are the 10" X-coil and filmed yesterday.
      This sort of thing is familiar to me, this is often how I have found gold, just in soil and oddly most of my biggest bits have been found the same way which I've often posted about in the past and they've been in spots hammered by everyone around here, so the likely reason I found them is nobody bothered to detect the soft loamy soil areas instead targeting mostly the bedrock.

      Here is the photo for the total of the day

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      One of my customers has a GM-1000 and an EQ-800.  Not only does he like gold nuggets, but he is an avid old coin hunter who also likes to do beach hunts with me in MX.  His Success with the GM-1000 is better than most, so I knew of he'd take the NOX out to the same area, he'd be quite impressed.
      Here is his words and the 2 pics he sent of his NOX gold over the weekend and his exact words:
      "Got a little over a quarter ounce this weekend. 5.2 penny weight.  Man dude it's amazing how much better the nox is from the monster.  No back and forth on tiny nuggets. Solid 1.  Largest nugget was a 6.  All hot rocks are a 12/13.   Ronnie ran the monster one day to compare targets. The ones we scratch at to investigate with monster were hot rocks every time. Ronnie switched back and started banging nugs right away."
      The other pics are the gold rings he found with his NOX while on my MX Water hunt.

    • By Rob Allison
      Hey Guys,    The question has always been, are most of the gold nuggets on bedrock?  That is somewhat a loaded question, but I have found more nuggets on bedrock, or the paylayer on bedrock than not.  Here is a gold nugget I picked up working some shallow paylayer (ancient channel) that the old-timers just overlooked.  I had to chip the ancient channel apart, but finally knocked a nice chunk out that screamed on the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector.  The nugget was approx 3 Dwt's, so nothing to get super excited, but I did pick up about 6 other ones in the nearby area.   Hope you enjoy.  Rob

    • By Goldseeker5000
      I finally got out this past weekend for a gold hunt. The weather has really been messing with me, as far as being able to get up to where I hunt. I finally got to use my new 15" Evo and I have to say, I really like it. I was only detecting for 5 minutes when I got this nice sounding target, that had a double worble, and I knew it was a nugget. Weather was great Saturday, but Sunday morning it was raining with high winds. Then it started snowing, so I got the heck off of the mountain. I was told by a friend who lives down in the area to be careful because a 800-850 lb grizzly in the upper gulch where I camp and hunt has been very active trying to find food after winter. Luckily I have good camp prep habits with all food and trash put in cab of truck in ziplock bags. I only found the one nugget in the trip cut short, but I had a great time being back on the mountain.

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