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    • By Tnsharpshooter
      This will be where I will post information.  I will try and answer any questions I can about detector.  Other folks who have experience with detector and wish to join in, by all means do so.
      Should have detector today sometime.  Thought I would get this thread started to save time later.  I will only be using Tarsacci on turf, not salt water/sand application.
      I may do some testing on freshwater beach due to lower minerals present.
      Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews

    • By nugget hunter nz
      Hay guys so I live in nz and I sold my gm1000 and nox 800 to  clear few bills etc great machines found alot small gold with both .. kept my gpx4500 but thinking of getting a whites 24k double coil pack to try out here in nz as my vlf but I am alittle worried as they have been out for few months now but I cant find one video on them on you tube apart from dealers ones or people with dealers . I would of thought by now someone would of did some testing or direct comparisons to gm1000 etc. Also as theres now no whites dealers in nz does anyone know a good one in aus that ships to nz ? I'm hoping with right set up they will be as good as monster on small gold in low to med ground but less prone to coil noise at high sensitivity and advice opinions welcome.

      Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and White's Goldmaster 24K gold nugget detectors
    • By Steve Herschbach
      White's Goldmaster 24K LCD Screen and Touch Pad Controls

      White's GMK Screen Icons and Controls Explained

      White's GMK Quick Reference Card - Click image for larger version
      White's Goldmaster 24K Information Page
      White's Goldmaster 24K Quick Start Guide
      White's Goldmaster 24K Advanced Guide
      Forum threads tagged whites goldmaster 24k
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6924-world-bored-with-high-frequency-detectors/?do=findComment&comment=73652
      Thanks for your patience as we launch the Goldmaster 24k. We had larger than expected pre-orders as well as some part-availability issues, so we are running about one week behind on launch. 
      White's Electronics will begin shipping Goldmaster 24k's starting late the week of August 6th. We apologize for the delay.
      White's Goldmaster 24K Information

    • By Steve Herschbach
      This was a rather large update. Not so much in any of my reviews but a major shuffle in prices which changes the equation on some units as far as desirability.
      Steve's Guide to Gold Nugget Detectors
      Here are the highlights:
      The Nokta/Makro Gold Racer dropped from $599 to $509 putting it in direct competition with the Fisher Gold Bug (basic model $449) and Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold at $499 plus the Fisher Gold Bug Pro at $549. That's a killer deal for a 56 kHz full featured detector. All the Nokta/Makro models had serious price drops, as it appears the U.S. importer was keeping prices artificially high. Nokta/Makro stepped in and corrected the situation, leading to the decreases.
      The Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer was reduced from $749 to $636, a couple bucks less than the Garrett AT Gold but the Kruzer is 61 kHz and comes with two coils. This effectively puts the AT Gold out to pasture as a “new with warranty” nugget detector option in my opinion unless Garrett lowers the price. Waterproof, built in rechargeable battery, wireless, 61 kHz and two coils... the Gold Kruzer may be the best package price available right now in a VLF nugget machine.
      The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ was deleted from the list. Tesoro is out of business, and although a few of these may be on dealer shelves still the is no warranty on them so they are gone as far as I am concerned.
      The Nokta/Makro AU Gold Finder with two coils came down from $799 to $679, the same price as the now departed Tesoro Lobo.
      The Minelab Gold Monster went UP to $849! I still have it as a "Steve's Pick" but that could change to the White's Goldmaster 24K if White's gets more coils out. More and more users are giving the 24K a thumbs up. The 24K is $729 but do remember the Monster comes with two coils and the 24K just the one now that the Intro deal is over. My "Steve's Picks" are aimed at first time buyers so I am sticking with the Monster for now due to simplicity compared to other less expensive but more complicated options. The same reason I am still showing the Gold Bug basic as a pick - it's simple and effective.
      The XP ORX dropped from $899 to $795 with a $649 wired headphone option. At $649 it's a good deal.
      A note on the Minelab GPX 4500 - rumored to be discontinued soon but still on Minelab website as current.
      And finally Minelab SDC 2300 increased from $3750 to $3799
      No doubt about it, competition really heated up in 2019 with lots of pressure on VLF prices. Now if we could get some competition going in the PI detectors in both price and ergonomics things would be great!

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Rege-PA just reported on the DP Forum that a new White's detector is on the way - the White's Goldmaster 24K. I have put a specification page together for the new model and will update it as information becomes available.
      In short it looks like an updated and slimmed down version of the GMT put into the new MX7 packaging. There is now a backlit LCD display with target id information, advanced ground tracking technology, dual tones, and more. The new Goldmaster 24K comes with both rechargeable batteries and a battery holder for eight AA batteries. The stock coil is the 6" x 10" DD and there is a two coil package option with the 6" x 10" DD and a 6" round concentric.
      The White's Goldmaster 24K announcement is so new that there are sure to be changes and updates to this page very soon - all information and specifications are subject to change!
      Check out the new White's Goldmaster 24K specification page
      Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K
      White's Goldmaster 24K & GMT Compared

      New White's Goldmaster 24K metal detector
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