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Looks To Be New XP Detector Called Orx

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I am unsure of how this detector will be available as far as which countries.

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Hmmm... new lower price Deus? Hard to see what the differences are. HF versions only and gold emphasis? Very possibly the Depar DPR 600 finally available outside Africa. Looks like same basic features and pricing.

Here is the english link... http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/en/news/announcing-the-orx-from-xp/

ORX Key features:

  • HF coil technology (21 Frequencies ranging from 13 to 81kHz).
  • 4 factory programs : Gold Prospecting (x2) – Coins and Relic (x2) + 2 user modes.
  • Trusted XP fast wireless technology: Coil – Remote – Headphones.
  • The all new “WS Audio®” compact wireless headphone receiver.
  • Re designed ultra-light Telescopic “S” stem.
  • Still the lightest at only 765grs (with remote hip mounted).
  • Easy to operate with a user-friendly menu.
  • Wireless connectivity to the MI-6 pinpointer.
  • Lithium battery, giving up to 23 hours of battery life.
  • Available with a choice of HF coils 22cm or 24/13cm elliptical.
  • Compatible with the X35 coil range (22, 28, 34/28cm).
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Made in France.
  • Suggested retail price: 700€ (wired headphone) – 800€ (wireless headphone).

XP ORX metal detectors


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Yes, I am 99% convinced that the XP ORX is a version of the Depar DPR 600 made for sales outside Africa. I am kind of liking the fact it has been debugged in Africa for almost two years which means this should be a highly refined version. With the old LF versions of the Deus being retired in September and replaced by the X35 coil versions this makes a lot of sense. The new lineup would consist of three X35 coil versions and these two HF versions.

Here is the Depar DPR 600 manual for more clues


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OK, so.... this to me seems interesting, 21 frequencies up to 81khz, so this in theory could be better than a Gold Bug 2 for tiny flakes other than only having larger size coils but be versatile by changing down to lower frequencies.

I would have thought the larger coils would be the let down with small gold but that rule seems broken, the Equinox has proven otherwise with the 11", so has the GPZ detecting way smaller gold than you'd expect from a 13x14".  I see it can even use the x35 coils.

Geez, you could almost swing a new high frequency VLF every day of the week with so many hitting the market.

If this turns out to be the latest and greatest there is an XP dealer in NZ ?


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21 frequencies is marketing BS. The search coils three base frequencies are 14 kHz - 30 kHz and 59 kHz for the 22.5cm (9”) Round DD coil. The elliptical DD coil has a slightly different base frequency set of 14 kHz - 30 kHz and 81 kHz. Each coil has a further 7 higher or lower sub frequencies to choose from which is where they get the 21 frequencies, but those are just offsets to allow electrical interference to be alleviated.

I think this is a great development but this is not something new - the Deus HF coils have been out for some time now and used by various parties on this forum. The only thing new about the ORX is the lower price and more limited feature set as compared to the XP Deus.

My Review of XP Deus HF Elliptical Coil

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ahhh thanks for clearing that up Steve, so my T2 is a 7 Frequency machine then, may as well call it a multi frequency machine ?

Pretty poor form of them to do marketing like that.

They had me! 

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They all do it in various ways. Minelab used to make a big deal out of the transmitted frequencies when it is frequencies received and processed that count. Nokta calls the Impact multifrequency despite everyone else in the industry defining it differently than they do. Whatever, just let that stuff roll on by.

Once you figure out that single frequency technology maxed out over 20 years ago you start getting a lot less excited when new versions come out. They mix and match the features different ways and the real advances are in less weight and target separation. But when it comes to single frequency as regards depth and tiny gold nothing has really changed since the 50 khz White's Goldmaster II came out around 1990. I can grab one of those and go head to head with the latest and greatest single frequency gold nugget detectors and not feel left behind.

I am not sure now if I had to choose whether I would prefer these new high frequency detector options over the new X35 coils. The X35 coils max out at 30 khz which is plenty high enough really and they go to lower frequencies (4 kHz versus 14 kHz) than the HF coils.

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In my opinion (fwiw ? ), at this moment in time, it's only a matter of if you want/prefer to use a single frequency detector or a multiple frequencies (multiple at the same time) detector.

And the Equinox even gives you both options. 

You can only swing one detector at a time.

...Forgot: But this new XP Orx looks great!!! ?

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Yeah, that's why I just added my last remark. ?

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