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Anfibio New Nokta / Makro Machine

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I want to thank you for the trouble and time you spent digging the holes to do the depth test. At the depth you had the coins did you get a ID reading? If so was it the same reading when the coins was laying on the surface?

In what you said about the battery it has to be on the inside of the handle I would guess. If that being it’s location will it be much down time getting it replaced?

Something that most people ask but I didn’t yet but I too would like to know the price?

You out there that has never bought a detector from these people don’t ever worry about service. If you do have trouble with your detector you will think they have to be next door to you because the service is that great.

M&N detector company made a impression on me I’ll never forget.


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    • By ddog
      Hey Rob A. Just tried to get on your new revamped forum??? Used my display name ddog And password. Said invalid. Tried to create new account using same uname & pword no luck, says password is used by another user ,ME. Need Advice. Thx Jerry L
    • By Nokta Detectors
      Hello all. Just to give you guys an update - we have made a change in Makro brand distribution. 
      We will distribute the Makro brand to multiple dealers in the USA moving forward meaning we will not have an exclusive distributor.
      There is no change in the Nokta brand distribution. It is still distributed thru Kellyco to other dealers. 

      For Makro, we are evaluating dealership applications and will assign a few more new dealerships based on certain criteria with location being the most important one. 
      Any dealer interested in selling Nokta products, should still contact Kellyco directly. 

      Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at dilek@noktadetectors.com 

      Thank you!
    • By Rick Kempf
      I was poking around on the web and came across the webpage of Depar Detectors - the Turkish company who are Minelab's distributors for the region. My oh my. Some bargains to be had on genuine product
      GPX 5000 - $2500
      Maybe you already have the rod, battery and coils - Main Unit only - $1800
      Only hitch is no sales to Europe, North America or Australia.
      Again, this is ML's distributor, not Chinese pirate crap!
      In December, the GPX 4500 was on special for $1771 - with three coils.


                                                                   MIKE SLAVENSKY
                                                                   PETE HARRIS
                                                                   TAD ROBINETTE
                                                                   HARRY LIPKE
                                                                   MATT NELSON

      Mike's guess on the weight of the gold was the closest, Mike wins the gold and an autographed   copy of my book.

      Pete, Tad, Harry and Matt were the other four finalist's, they will all receive an autographed copy of my book.

      Winners please send me your complete mailing address so I can send the books and gold out.                                      
      Send your information to trinityau@hotmail.com

                                         THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED
      Hello everyone, I have been very busy with so many projects lately and I have not been visiting or posting on the forums much. I am finally finishing up on lots of stuff and look forward to posting again and getting back into the mainstream of gold detecting again.

      My hunting partner George has gone through a bout with throat cancer and just received a clean bill of health the other day, after a few months of radiation and chemo. I hope to be hunting together with him very soon.

      I have had many people wanting to know if I was going to plan an outing again this year in Northern Nevada. I have done this in the past with an open invitation to all. I am looking at possibly doing an outing sometime in June this year. Again, it will be an open invitation to all.

      Because I have been off the forums for a while I am hosting a free giveaway. The details are below and also can be found on TRINITYAU.COM
      Detecting for Gold, Adventures, Trips and Tips
      Guess the weight of each of the five individual pieces of gold, then guess the weight of all five pieces of gold together. Your guess should be made in grains. Click on each picture to open that particular picture in a larger view. This contest will run until midnight 21 February 2016. The first five persons that get the correct weight or closest in both categories will win a free autographed copy of my book, this is to include free shipping anywhere in the United States. This contest is valid only in the United States.

      The very first person to get the correct or closest weight in both categories will win a copy of the book and get the gold. The weight has been determined by the scales in the pictures, which were calibrated to a zero balance just prior to weighing the five pieces of gold. All entries must be made on TRINITYAU.COM through the Comments page. Enter your guess on the Forum Entry.

                  GOOD LUCK TO ALL
       This gold was found with the New Makro Gold Racer
    • By Keith Southern
      Saw this Today Steve from Minelab thought Yall might like to look at it here
      I saw one Today at a dealer..nice piece of equipment..Sort of pricey..
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab has completely redesigned their website - check it out and see what you think. http://www.minelab.com/usa/
      Now I need to go on a hunt for broken links!
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