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Anfibio New Nokta / Makro Machine

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I want to thank you for the trouble and time you spent digging the holes to do the depth test. At the depth you had the coins did you get a ID reading? If so was it the same reading when the coins was laying on the surface?

In what you said about the battery it has to be on the inside of the handle I would guess. If that being it’s location will it be much down time getting it replaced?

Something that most people ask but I didn’t yet but I too would like to know the price?

You out there that has never bought a detector from these people don’t ever worry about service. If you do have trouble with your detector you will think they have to be next door to you because the service is that great.

M&N detector company made a impression on me I’ll never forget.


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      It’s pretty simple. Metal detector products generally have enforced minimum advertised prices. That’s the price you see most often and at all the legitimate sites. It’s the price I list in the Detector Database. Anybody pretending to be a dealer and selling the item for significantly less is likely to be a scam. Either accept that you have to deal with legitimate dealers selling at the higher prices, or find yourself a scammer selling for less. If all you care about is finding the lowest price on the internet, you WILL get ripped off. Well, not really. It’s voluntary.
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