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Nokta Anfibio Series Now On Nokta Site

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Looks like an Impact in a Kruzer case:


Nokta Anfibio waterproof metal detector


  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 4 lbs (1.81437 kgs)
  • Operating Frequencies : 5kHz / 14kHz / 20kHz
  • IP68 Rating : Up to 16.4' (5 meters) Waterproof!
  • Design : Telescopic Shaft, Slideable Armrest & Backlit Keypad
  • Search Modes : 9 (Gen / 2 Tone / 3 Tone / 4 Tone / Beach / Deep / Etc.)
  • Battery : 3700mAh Lithium Polymer; Offers up to 19 Hours of Operation
  • Advanced Beach Mode : Very Stable Operation in Dry Sand, Wet Sand and Underwater
  • E.U.D (Extra Underground Depth) Function : Detect Certain Metals Masked by Ground Conditions and / or at Fringe Depths

Factory Included Accessories:

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones - Green Edition
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Coil Cover
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Now that Nokta and Makro are moving even further into merging both product lines we have some significant overlap here.

Makro Kruzer Multi - 5, 14, and 20 kHz ($749)

Nokta Anfibio Multi - 5, 14, and 20 kHz ($$$$)

Makro 14 Kruzer - 14 kHz ($649)

Nokta Anfibio 14 - 14 kHz (????)

Makro Gold Kruzer - 61 kHz ($749 two coils)

Nokta Anfibio 19 - 19 kHz (????)

Interesting that the Gold Kruzer is 61 kHz whereas the Nokta 19 "gold detector" is 19 kHz. That makes the Makro Gold Kruzer more of a waterproof version of the 56 kHz Makro Gold Racer. The Nokta Anfibio 19 is more a direct replacement of the 19 kHz Nokta FORS Gold+

Nokta Anfibio versus Makro Kruzer

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The "coin" version is 14 Khz and has a maximum of 3 tones.??  They could have skipped that one unless it's a real price leader.

Edit:  Keith S on another forum caught the fact that the Pictures for the 14 Khz coin machine and the 19Khz relic are reversed.

Good catch Keith!


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You can use the Youtube CC button and settings button to put english subtitles on that Russian video, I do like that it folds up small to put in a backpack or for a kid to use and it's so easy to shrink it down, I also like the moving arm rest with the clip.  They're coming up with some nice ideas.

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21 hours ago, Jackpine said:

The "coin" version is 14 Khz and has a maximum of 3 tones.??  They could have skipped that one unless it's a real price leader.

Edit:  Keith S on another forum caught the fact that the Pictures for the 14 Khz coin machine and the 19Khz relic are reversed.

Good catch Keith!


The pictures above have been corrected.

Nokta Anfibio waterproof metal detector


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    • By dogodog
      I finally got my old 11'' replaced. This new coil is working great and I couldn't be more happy. Thanks to Dilek all my problems have been resolved. Yesterday and today were the first times I have given it a good run. 
      I decided to hunt a farm house yesterday. I usually think the finds are getting low. Well low and behold I was wrong. Yesterday was good and bad as posted on the coin and relic forum. Today was even better!! same farm plus a kids camp. In two hours at the farm I scored a 2 oz. sinker, a bunch of odd lead, 2 wheat pennies, a girl scout pin from the 60's and two fabulous 1952 and 1957 roosevelt dimes. Around 1:30pm I decided to hit the camp. In another two hours I scored $1.05 in clad (not much) and a very awesome 1810 to 1830's button. inscribed on the back is Treble gilt Standard colour. seems to be a british button. Most of the clad from the 60's and 70's were at 6 to 7 inches deep. this button was around 3''. I did dig a bunch of deep trash always looking for the gold rings. The only thing is the id numbers are a little off, they are a couple of points off, but that was an easy learn. I'm thinking the old coil was bad from day one and today just proved it. I can't wait to hit some more of my sites and see what I missed with the old coil. The MK has yet to let me down and has been a great machine in the short time that I have owned it.

    • By Ridge Runner
      Just got a email from Nokta/Makro telling about two new detectors for kids that is waterproof. One is the Mini Hoard for 99.95 and the Midi Hoard for 119.95.
       For the money and being waterproof too has got to be another great buy like the Simplex.
    • By gregorywc
      Can anyone tell me how the Minelab GPX 5000 or Garrett ATX would compare to a Makro New Jeohunter 3d dual systems.. they seem to have a nice graphical display and they boast detections at 1.5 meters... Whats the truth in comparison??
      See video on this page..http://www.metaldetector.com/makro-jeohunter-metal-detector

      Thank You,
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I have had a Nokta AU Gold Finder sitting around for some time. The Gold Finder is the same 56 kHz detector as the Makro Gold Racer, but stuck in an old school knobs and switches waterproof housing. As such it lacks a LCD display and therefore the ability to display target id information. In exchange you get a unit where the battereis are in the control box, so it can be hip or chest mounted. Or in this case, put onto an alternative shaft assembly.
      I have an old Otto fiberglass shaft for the Minelab PI detectors I kept when I sold off my last Minelab GPX. I was planning on using it for my Garrett ATX modification but I ended up using a White's "S" rod for that project.
      I also have a 15" x 13.5" DD coil for my Gold Racer that I really liked. The problem there is even though it is a very light 15" coil, it still makes the Gold Racer more nose heavy than I prefer. So Gold Finder sitting around and rod assembly sitting around - Bingo - it's mod time!
      Easiest job ever. Since the AU Gold Finder is already set up to hip mount, all I had to do is drill the Otto rod to mount the Gold Finder control box. I wanted to mount the control box under elbow for better balance. The controls look upside down when you do this but in reality when you are using the detector and go to make adjustments it works better that way looking down from topside. The AU Gold Finder box almost seems intended to be set up like this as it has a shelf over the LED lights that makes a nice footrest when the control box is flipped over. Since the box is waterproof no need to worry about speaker etc. getting wet or dirty - just hose it off.
      Came out very nice, only 4 pounds 2.1 ounces with batteries or 4.13 pounds, and way better balanced than the Gold Racer would be running the same coil. I can use a bungee if need be but at 4.13 pounds this weighs no more than many coils running smaller coils. Nice, I am keeping it permanently set up like this.
      Click on images for larger versions.


    • By auminesweeper
      I have just seen this Video posted on PA of the Nokta Golden Sense and tried to repeat it on my MXT with a 15" coil and I got fairly close to his air test, But I have to say to my surprize this machine is Awesome even though he appears to be doing this in normal type Ground I think It's getting close to me getting the Fors Core Pro pack, 
      Hello everyone, very quick post about the newest detector to hit the market place.The  "AU Goldfinder"  detector. I received the detector the other day and was able to get out for a few minutes with it on Saturday. I love the Makro Gold Racer and now I really love this AU Goldfinder. It is all manual, and well balanced. Virtually the same as the Gold Racer except it has knobs and toggles.This in itself takes me back many years. I think this unit is going to be a top seller unless other detector companies provide a vastly superior VLF unit soon.
      I will be using this unit over the next several weeks and provide more information as I can. I was very impressed with the stability in all modes and even found one small nugget first day out, actually, the first hour out. I was detecting in an area that does not offer any sub-grain pieces but did have one with me and absolutely had no problem hearing it in any of the three modes. 
      As always, I will let Steve take it away with the technical aspects as my free time will be tied up playing with my newest toy.. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
      Sorry about the second picture, not to clear. The piece I found was one half pennyweight or .78 grams at about nine inches.

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