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The 7000 Is So Simple Even A Cave Man Can Do It


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Second week with the GPZ and very impressed how easy it is to set up and run.


It was mostly a matter of getting used to the threshold and I've done that now. 


Total weight now for the GPZ is 7.7 pennyweight... still waiting for the bigger stuff. :nugget:




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Hi Russ,


Don't think there is much doubt that the bigger stuff as you call it,

is waiting for you. I am betting in the next two weeks, if you get out to hunt,

there will be one found that you will call "bigger." Bet?

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Sweet corn muffins russ, that's purty. Is that thang turbocharged?


Hey Bob compared to my new Bounty Hunter it has twin turbos!!! 


The Bounty Hunter still works like a 40 year old champ  :bounty:



Simply amazing what technology has done in the last 40 years.  


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