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Nokta Anfibio Prototype Review

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There is a nice write up with lots of photos just posted by one of the Nokta Anfibio prototype testers. There is mention made of the Nokta Anfibio Multi Cache Mode, called Treasure Mode in the review. There are other tidbits also. Check it out at http://hobby-detecting.com/nokta-anfibio-our-review-of-the-new-detector-tips-thoughts-experience-finds/


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Seems like the "Treasure" mode is akin to the Cache (CL) mode on the F75.  Very, very few people found this to be a useful feature, now Boost mode was a different story.   On previous Makro/Nokta models their DEEP mode was locked at 2-tones, whereas on the F75 you could use Boost mode with any tone configuration.  Has this changed on the Anfibio?

Looks like a nice machine, but from what I can tell thus far, not enough to persuade me to "upgrade" from my Multi Kruzer.  Nice that they share the same coils, as they'll be a nice selection of coils right out of the gate on the Anfibio.

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In simple terms, two things control noise or "chattyness". Gain, and recovery speed. 

The higher the Gain and the faster the recovery speed, the more "sparky" a unit will be. There is obviously a lot more under the hood that that, but with the different modes there will be different levels of Gain, Recover Speed, Audio (beep or VCO), how many tone splits there are, and also what Target ID scale is applied to the mode.

As an example, the Impact uses the 0-40 ferrous scale in the following modes: Gen, Gen D, STA, STA D, Deep, VLX1, VLX2. Whereas the 0-15 ferrous scale is used in 2-tone, DI3, DI4, DI99 and COG  modes. 

Then the other things that makes up a mode is AC or DC, i.e. motion or non-motion. The non-motion Cache mode in 5kHz should be crazy deep on large items. One item that comes to mind here that is a very desirable relic find is a Cricket Belt Buckle.  

Watch from the ten minute mark. 


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