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It is possible about the trash. But the soil under the grass is very rocky, and some of the rocks are magnetic. I will try to go to a lower sens. adj. Afraid of losing depth.

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On 10/25/2018 at 10:21 PM, Dubious said:

I was originally aiming at getting a Gold Bug 2.  Many still seem to consider it the "gold standard" for finding extremely small gold--and I actually like knobs.  But, the sleek new machines with advanced features are seductive.

I wonder if Minelab is planning to bring out a Multi-Q gold detector, like the Nox but with a higher mix of frequencies, maybe 15-20-30-50-70?  Seems like it would be hot on all sizes of nuggets.

I moved from the Gmt/MXT and Sovereign GT to a Whites 24K and Nox 800... basically just modernized my tools.

I agree, something like Multi-Q Gold Nox would be very sweet. I'm not very impressed with the GM 1000 as it really seems like a Bounty Hunter with an ML decal... very toy-ish feeling/working.

The Whites 24K is very impressive and is a solid, multi option, 1 freq detector. I'm very sure if it were a multi freq machine it would easily dominate the VLF gold market.

On the other hand, all ML needs to do is mod the Nox 800 with 8-10 kick-ass modes (remove the coin & park stuff), give it 24K options, and BAM!!!, we'll have a superior VLF gold machine.



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When the Equinox 6-800's flood the market, sales will drop, people will not be able to recoup most of their money spent, then ML will make an Equinox 600/800 II or SE. Maybe some improved programs due to complaints or wishes of the consumers.

But it all still boils down to the detectorist/user's experience and learning abillities. I still do good with a Tesoro, which is a good machine to tune your listening ability to good targets, IMO.

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      My 800 came by the little brown truck this morning!!  I am hoping that the rain holds off until after it is charged so I can go out and dig up the yard.

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      This weeks beach hunt was split between the GPX and Equinox. The GPX scored 5 deep silvers, but this item is the reason I love the way the Equinox ID's targets. To some, they may not like the jumpy numbers on mixed metal targets, but I appreciate the added information, as I always like to be the one making the final decision to dig or not. The GPX would have read this as Iron, especially at the depth it was. But the Equinox read the copper content as well as the iron. Since I run with no discrimination, the detector sees both metals and reports them as such. That is a good thing. But I also like to run my iron volume on zero, that way I am not swayed by the iron sound to possibly not dig it. The iron numbers still flash to give me that information, I just prefer not to hear it. That makes these type of targets easier to examine. If you have not tried you Equinox that way, give it a try. For me it is one of those perks of a well designed machine.

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