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Tarsacci Mdt-8000 Launched 12-11-2018 - User’s Manual / Start-up Guide Listed

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NASA-Tom Wrote:
> Here it comes...…… a bit of a paradigm-shift in te
> chnology/technological-advancements. I want to giv
> e you guys a (moderate) heads-up...… for something
> that is on the horizon. It is built by a small com
> pany (medium/small) that makes military-grade unde
> rwater locating devices. One of those engineers is
> a avid detectorist. He has convinced/steered the c
> ompany into inventing/building a hobby-line detect
> or. It's been in-the-works for about 18 years. All
> of the prototyping had been completed 2 years ago.
> It has been an "unreleased" completed product for
> the past 2 years. (((We are at: "shoot the enginee
> r" time-continuum))). It is not quite a VLF..... a
> nd it's not quite a PI. Ergonomically..... it has
> been 'pushed' to be in the shape of a detector...t
> hat we would 'recognize' as a detector. It's been
> some work..... to get the unit to 'sound' like a m
> etal detector. . . . . . that we would 'understand
> ' it's language/audio. It is "quirky". You will li
> ke some of the quirks.....and can put some of them
> to good use. Some things that I can share...… at t
> his time:

> * Very specifically targets TWO INTENTS:
> 1. Wet-Salt
> 2. Bad Mineralization
> This is to say...….. it does NOT target mega-trash
> y areas...… does NOT target carpets of nails.

> * NOT for beginners/novice. Targeted for seasoned
> detectorists.

> * IP-68

> * 11" x 8" DD open coil (hydrodynamic)

> * Electronics designed TO/FOR the coil. ((( If you
> want to change coils..... you must change the elec
> tronics. This is a very specific/discrete platform
> . )))

> * Weight/Ergonomics: Very similar to F75/EQX/T2

> * One rechargeable battery. 1-1/3 length of a C-Ce
> ll. Diameter of a C-Cell. 6000mAh 3.7V. This is a
> 'off the shelf'......easy to access/buy......and Y
> OU can change it... in about 40-seconds. (Under th
> e armcup).

> * Full VDI ID ….. with a 60-point span.

> * A very real/correct All-Metal Mode. Disc Mode. I
> D Mode.

> * Iron span range is: -30 to 0.   And for a very s
> pecific/discrete electronic platform rationale/jus
> tification. You DON'T want this changed.

> * Non-Ferrous span range is: 0-30.

> * In certain modes..... very responsive to high co
> nductors.

> * Inches deeper than Excal/CZ/Sov for coins and go
> ld rings..... in a wet-salt environment. ((( Almos
> t exactly parallels the performance of my 'tuned/t
> weaked' AquaStar-II..... in the wet-salt. . . . .
> but. . . . . with FULL ID capabilities. ))) Resona
> nt (great) for tiny gold rings, small, medium and
> large gold rings. This is where the depth advancem
> ents have taken place.

> * One of the paradigm-shifts: Ground Balance the u
> nit in the dry sand FIRST. ((( And in a different
> fashion: Hold coil about 10" above the ground. Pre
> ss and hold GB button. Lower the coil to about 1"
> off of ground. Release GB button. DONE. )))  Then.
> ..…… walk down to the wet-salt. . . and manually z
> eroize your local wet-salt content/volume. Now the
> detector … no longer even sees the wet-salt. It is
> not 'canceled'. It is not phase-shifted out. It is
> not Ground Balanced out. The high conductivity of
> the wet-salt is no longer seen. This is a fairly l
> arge dramatic departure from all other detectors.
> First time in history. A paradigm-shift.

> * This unit targets beach hunters.... and relic hu
> nters in bad dirt. This unit loses depth/performan
> ce in bad dirt …but at a SLOWER rate than other un
> its. It 'holds on' to good target ID's at deeper d
> epths.... in bad dirt..... at a better depth/ID ra
> te than other units.

> * Trying to keep the cost below the CTX-3030 MSRP.
> If we don't market/advertise it..... the cost may
> be around $1600..... or slightly lower. The intent
> may be to sell the unit on this web-site (forum) o
> nly/exclusively. That way..... we can circumvent a
> dvertisement costs (which can be very expensive).

> * For the most-part: K.I.S.S. theory has been empl
> oyed.

> * Heavy gauge carbon fiber.

> More details to follow...… possibly.


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Key points:

"* Inches deeper than Excal/CZ/Sov for coins and gold rings..... in a wet-salt environment. ((( Almost exactly parallels the performance of my 'tuned/tweaked' AquaStar-II..... in the wet-salt. . . . . but. . . . . with FULL ID capabilities. ))) Resonant (great) for tiny gold rings, small, medium and large gold rings. This is where the depth advancements have taken place."


"* This unit targets beach hunters.... and relic hunters in bad dirt. This unit loses depth/performance in bad dirt …but at a SLOWER rate than other units. It 'holds on' to good target ID's at deeper depths.... in bad dirt..... at a better depth/ID rate than other units."

"This is to say...….. it does NOT target mega-trashy areas...… does NOT target carpets of nails."

Looks like good reason for beach hunters to be cautiously optimistic. And possibly the relic hunters and prospectors. This being a new player there will be lots of details to sort out.

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Sounds like maybe issues with adjacent target separation  - not for trashy areas.

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3 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

"This is to say...….. it does NOT target mega-trashy areas...… does NOT target carpets of nails."

Looks like good reason for beach hunters to be cautiously optimistic. And possibly the relic hunters and prospectors. This being a new player there will be lots of details to sort out.

If it gets below the plow line - 12"+ It will be a boon to relic and old coin hunters.  Tired of fighting the iron/nails? Let's spread out and go for the deep one boys.

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10 hours ago, Tnsharpshooter said:

Now the
> detector … no longer even sees the wet-salt. It is
> not 'canceled'. It is not phase-shifted out. It is
> not Ground Balanced out. The high conductivity of
> the wet-salt is no longer seen.

Sounds like a PI hole.....does small Gold go byebye?

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1 hour ago, LowTide said:

Sounds like a PI hole.....does small Gold go byebye?

I know what you know about the unit.  See above.

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Apparently latest from Tom D.....small Gold go byebye.  Ye olde liquid metal still is a factor.🙂

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Link above updated with info.

NASA-Tom Wrote:
> * Right now...….. at minimum...…. a one-year warra
> nty. (Possibly more).

> * No...…. I'm not talking about the Manta.

> * One battery is too much? I'm not sure I understa
> nd.    ---- Average Batt life is about 30-hours.

> * Not good for tiny gold.

> * Unit will come with a pigtail headphone jack ada
> pter...… for 1/8" stereo jack..... so you can use
> whatever headphones you have in your inventory. Bu
> t..... you can also purchase a custom-built headph
> one that is specific to this detector......and is
> waterproof. It is not going to be included in the
> package...… so as to keep costs down.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
> and most people are exceptionally 'choice selectiv
> e' when it comes to headphones.

> * You will need a custom built unit for Culpepper
> dirt. (This might change).

> Has anyone ever looked up IP-68 spec's? It's kind
> of interesting. 1.5 Meters deep ….for 30-Minutes.
> That's all!

NASA-Tom Wrote:

> A few more data-points to share:

> * Another one of the quirks is: Coil sweep speed.
> This unit is more sensitive to horizontal velocity
> . Too slow.....and you lose depth. Too fast.....an
> d you lose depth. And this is one of the reasons '
> why' this unit is targeting 'seasoned' detectorist
> s. On a subconscious level...….a seasoned detector
> ist will automatically/subconsciously 'find the sw
> eet-spot' without any effort. This usually happens
> on the first (fairly deep) target. You will find t
> hat a medium/medium-slow sweep-speed is pinnacle.
> Then your brain will be subconsciously auto-calibr
> ated to this speed. No effort required.
> Remember; this unit is 'different'.
> Medium sweep-speed is a very 'vague' term. Differe
> ntly interpretive. But...… once again; I have zero
> concern for seasoned detectorists.

> * (audio) Mixed Mode. This mode is iron content an
> d non-ferrous content melded/merged together...…..
> audibly...….. in stereo.

> * Mfr claims "not waterproof". (I beg to differ).

> * A separate "Black Sand" selectable Mode.

> * Yes. Battery is Li-ion 26650 (Pimento.... you ea
> sily passed my test with A+!  ,,, I tested......an
> d wanted to know...… if the public can 'easily' fi
> gure things out. Next test: Can seasoned detectori
> sts figure things out...… with little effort).

> * I hope to see the owners manual pdf uploaded/pos
> ted. Before or after product rollout. More targeti
> ng: "before".

> * ((( I have to be careful with this one: ))). Sel
> ectable Freq's: 6.4-Khz, 9-Khz, 12-Khz and 18-Khz.
> But. Be careful. Do not assume VLF. Do not assume
> Single Freq.   ,,,   It's a bit different.

> I think I can share this now. I have head-to-head
> tested this unit in the wet-salt. Compared to Exca
> l/CZ/Sov…(first-hand)…… this unit is deeper on rin
> gs & coins...… including Nickels. No...… it is not
> a tiny gold jewelry hunter. Yes.,.,.,.,.,., we're
> working on that; but/yet..... that may be 1 or 2 y
> ears down the pike.

> * Lower carbon fiber shaft can be extended to a fa
> irly good length...… for tall folks.

> * Yes...… 'should' be able to ship internationally
> .

NASA-Tom Wrote:
> Elbert = Correct.
> GreenMeanie = No. Started 18 years ago...… and pro
> totyped/mod'ed/upgraded/improved in those 18 years
> . Electronics are modern......and ready for produc
> tion.
> Tom = The closer you get it to wet-salt 'zero'....
> the higher you can run the Sens. It does need to b
> e fairly close.
> Brian = Shooting for release in 3-weeks.


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Shooting for release in 3 weeks?  Well, we should know more soon, then.  Someone (ont he thread linked to above) speculated this detector uses the Hall Effect.  Possible, I suppose, as Hall sensors (used mainly in contactless motion and speed sensor devices) are very susceptible to outside magnetic fields.  But, if true, this could be the beginning of an entirely new detector technology--move over, VLF and PI...

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Some stuff on the web a while back made me wonder if Dimitar Gargov was the designer of this new thing. Of course I don’t know if it is him.

He worked at Fisher in Los Banos and designed a series of innovative but commercially unsuccessful detectors like the Coinstrike, Goldstrike, Edge and Excel.

He went to El Paso after FT acquired Fisher.  After that he went into industrial electronics in CA.

Post #7 in this thread. It links it back to the 2nd thread below



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  • Similar Content

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Saw this posted on another forum.
      Hello everyone, very quick post about the newest detector to hit the market place.The  "AU Goldfinder"  detector. I received the detector the other day and was able to get out for a few minutes with it on Saturday. I love the Makro Gold Racer and now I really love this AU Goldfinder. It is all manual, and well balanced. Virtually the same as the Gold Racer except it has knobs and toggles.This in itself takes me back many years. I think this unit is going to be a top seller unless other detector companies provide a vastly superior VLF unit soon.
      I will be using this unit over the next several weeks and provide more information as I can. I was very impressed with the stability in all modes and even found one small nugget first day out, actually, the first hour out. I was detecting in an area that does not offer any sub-grain pieces but did have one with me and absolutely had no problem hearing it in any of the three modes. 
      As always, I will let Steve take it away with the technical aspects as my free time will be tied up playing with my newest toy.. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
      Sorry about the second picture, not to clear. The piece I found was one half pennyweight or .78 grams at about nine inches.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I have had a Nokta AU Gold Finder sitting around for some time. The Gold Finder is the same 56 kHz detector as the Makro Gold Racer, but stuck in an old school knobs and switches waterproof housing. As such it lacks a LCD display and therefore the ability to display target id information. In exchange you get a unit where the battereis are in the control box, so it can be hip or chest mounted. Or in this case, put onto an alternative shaft assembly.
      I have an old Otto fiberglass shaft for the Minelab PI detectors I kept when I sold off my last Minelab GPX. I was planning on using it for my Garrett ATX modification but I ended up using a White's "S" rod for that project.
      I also have a 15" x 13.5" DD coil for my Gold Racer that I really liked. The problem there is even though it is a very light 15" coil, it still makes the Gold Racer more nose heavy than I prefer. So Gold Finder sitting around and rod assembly sitting around - Bingo - it's mod time!
      Easiest job ever. Since the AU Gold Finder is already set up to hip mount, all I had to do is drill the Otto rod to mount the Gold Finder control box. I wanted to mount the control box under elbow for better balance. The controls look upside down when you do this but in reality when you are using the detector and go to make adjustments it works better that way looking down from topside. The AU Gold Finder box almost seems intended to be set up like this as it has a shelf over the LED lights that makes a nice footrest when the control box is flipped over. Since the box is waterproof no need to worry about speaker etc. getting wet or dirty - just hose it off.
      Came out very nice, only 4 pounds 2.1 ounces with batteries or 4.13 pounds, and way better balanced than the Gold Racer would be running the same coil. I can use a bungee if need be but at 4.13 pounds this weighs no more than many coils running smaller coils. Nice, I am keeping it permanently set up like this.
      Click on images for larger versions.


    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Pictured below is a pic of the detector’s screen in the dark with intensity at full brightness setting.  Notice the keys are lit as well.

      A very nicely built detector.  I see no shortcuts.  Not flimsy feeling at all.  This model detector build quality when looking at it externally is compared to all detectors I have handled as the Rolls-Royce of Metal Detectors.
      The tones provided and volume are great.  External speaker provides very ample volume and sound quality to use on those say hot days when headphones are just too uncomfortable.
      Once paired with the supplied wireless headphones, and you power off both headphones and detector, once you are again ready to detect, you power up headphones and detector and pairing in very quick.  No waiting around to get to detecting.
      Buttons on control provide good feedback when used.
      Nice adjustable arm cuff.
      Internal battery provides very ample detecting use time and charging is a breeze.
      Connectors used to connect coils to control head are very user friendly (idiot proof).
      The unit supplied to me for testing only had stock coil.  The stock coil is light for an 11”did coil.  Coils does come with cover.
      Mounting hardware supplied does a great job securing coil and helps keep in position for actual detecting.
      Detector is very balanced, the best balanced detector I have handled with a stock sized 11” DD round Coil.
      Rod with its adjustments seems to offer good latitude for folks of different heights.  I will measure and post with pics or video the exact measurements when rod is fully collapsed and fully extended (useable position).
      Notice there is no pinpoint switch but rather a pinpoint button on control.
      I should have additional coils (I purchased) for the detector come Monday so maybe I can share info about them as far as how the actual detector performs as far as enhanced separation/unmasking and see ballpark wise how deep they are in MY soil on various common items looked for by detectorist.
       Not a difficult detector to run.
      This detector with stock supplied coil is deeper than the Nokta Impact with stock coil in my soil.  I suspect in even milder ground it will be deeper.  In areas such as NE and Midwest areas of USA, this detector will be a very deep seeker.  I look forward to hearing some reports of actual users of Anfibio Multi from these areas.
      I want to thank Dilek for giving me the chance to test and review this detector for Nokta Makro.  
      I will try and get into some more detail tomorrow and hopefully get a video or 2 showing this very nice looking and built detector.
      For reference purposes need to post these.
      Brochure link for all Anfibio models.
      User’s Manual all Anfibio models
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      I will be ordering both the elliptical 4x7 and 5x9 in the morning.  Already talked to dealer.
    • By Jeff McClendon
      I'm not trying to start any trouble here. A Quest Q40 pretty much fell in my lap for 1/4 of the retail price. I have had the former Deteknix pinpointer and the small ear cup wireless headphones with the plug in wireless module for several years. Both of those products have been trouble free and excellent in quality after loads of use. So, when this Q40 deal came about I thought: what the heck, FTP and  Quest seem to have come to an agreement, Quest is partially an American company and I like their other products. Well, the Q40 is a very nice detector indeed. It feels and operates very well. It has plenty of adjustments and is customizable for discrimination and for tones. It really locks on to coins well so far.  Most of all for me, it has a very comfortable hand grip, feels much lighter and better balanced than my Equinoxes, has wireless audio, Li-Po USB charging for the detector and has a very adjustable shaft system. It does not remind me of any particular company's detector but it does have many separate modern features that all of the other manufacturers have. Its like a combination of every company except maybe Tesoro. I would not feel hesitant about taking it anywhere to detect for coins, jewelry and relics. Until FTP and Nokta/Makro come out with their new models sometime soon (I hope,)  the Quest 40 is a very viable option for someone looking to use a modern designed, single frequency 13kHZ VLF,  with lots of features (the pinpointing is outstanding unlike my Nox) that the big boys have for a lower price and it can hunt. I can only imagine what the newly designed Quest Pro is like...