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I know you’re thinking what kind of bull he’s going to shoot us now.

A friend in Oklahoma got a Nox 800 soon after I did. He keep telling me he wasn’t finding any silver are any wheats. I’d tell his you just got to get a place where others haven’t been.

I told him the trouble your Nox don’t know what to look for. Again I told this boy I would send him some silver and wheats. The first thing he need was run his coil over what I sent and tell his Nox this is what I’m looking for. Now you may not believe me but within two days he was finding silver and wheat pennies.

Here he comes again crying on my shoulder that he can’t find any rings are jewelry of any kind. So here I go sending him all different rings with some being gold  other silver plus some jewelry. Again after he got the package he started finding rings. What I didn’t tell you I sent one Indian Head penny and later this afternoon he calls to tell me he found his first said penny.

I really can’t say this will happen to you and I’m sure some will say hog wash but it won’t hurt to try it.

The Best to all 


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Never heard such a story but it's funny

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Guys the odd thing Is each time I’d send him something he’d start finding it. 

The Nox was new to him but Minelab coin detector is not. I don’t know off hand how long he’s been hunting but his age is 61.

Like I told him you got to find a place no one has been but better yet be better detecting than the guy before you.

I always start out with a good attitude that I’m going to find something that day. Running with that has paid off for me over 50 years now.

 I’m going to spend little over a week with this guy I’ve been talking about and I feel it will be a great time for both of us.

 I’ll get back on how that went when it’s over.


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  I’m sorry to say the ones I did have I sold long ago. I’ll be glad to bring you one if you will send me airfare so I can bring it. I just want to make sure it don’t get lost in the mail . Heck you do that I’ll bring you a whole hand full.


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A lot of detecting is about KNOWING its a targets.   Things change in the dirt/sand/water....... dont give yourself a reason NOT to dig.   Everyone should start out digging repeatable targets.   Thats how you learn that its not black and white...... just because its 13 doesnt mean every nickel hits there.   Jewelry is everywhere on the digital scale...... coins come in more verities than penny, nickel, dime and quarter.  Most of the fun in this hobby to me is digging something and being surprised.   On the beach ...... im just looking for gold, but ill be dang if i can avoid a penny or a high tone lol.  

I like to watch and talk to some of the hunters during the winter who come to Fl to hunt.   They have some great griding skills...... but have trained their ears more toward coin hunting, so it takes a little time to RETRAIN their brain and habits.

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I know what you say is true and the guy I sent it to knows what you say is true .

I like to add a little humor in what I write and that’s what I was doing here . The guy had never found a Indian Head penny before and he told me he had the same ID on it as soon other pennies.

On my side of the coin I just wanted to help this guy to make him better at what he was doing .


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Good story. Lots of things I haven't found but by you sending a variety of different things he has now found them..  If nothing else you helped train his ear

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