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A Tiny Bit With My New Steelphase

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On 10/17/2018 at 3:11 AM, SteelPhase said:

Ok I cant give away all the secrets but if I could completely eliminate the issue of ground noise I'd be rich. 

The sP01 will enhance a little ground noise. Unfortunately thats the nature of the beast but because it will enhance those deep faint signals, you can back the gain/sensitivity off a little which will quiet the machine with regard to ground noise, without loosing any relative depth. You can also run higher smoothing/ lower stabilizer.

So is it safe to say the SP01 takes signals that are likely target signals and specifically amplifies only (or mostly) them?

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14 hours ago, 1911Colt said:

So is it safe to say the SP01 takes signals that are likely target signals and specifically amplifies only (or mostly) them?

Sort of. It takes the waveform and shapes it so signals are more recognisable.

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I just got mine and testing it on my buried backyard targets it makes a difference compared to my Doc's screamer which I used for months.....it's a different monster with more capabilities and very helpful in achieving a very smooth threshold ........ And she is sexy !




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