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Well it looks like I will get out to Gold Basin AZ to give the new Whites GoldMaster 24K a try and see what it does.

Going to head out there on Wed the 17th …..going to hunt tailings piles to start...see how good it is on the little stuff.

Will report after the hunt.

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I prefer the small coil on the 24K for tiny bits and specimens.  It is a fine machine and I give White's a big thumbs up on this one.  Good luck to you.

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Just returned from Gold Basin, lots of trash , small stuff but no gold. I was not the first to hunt this area s there was lots of unfilled holes...not as many now...still learning the machine. Most of all , I HAD FUN AND IF THE WIND HAD NOT PICKED UP I might still be there.

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How much wind?

Holes and trash ... probably still gold there!

Thanks for the report Rick.



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Wind jumped up to about 17mph or so....I was on GSSN claims today.

Next time I am going to look for undisturbed bedrock.

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When is next time?

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    • By Buzzard
      I was doing some testing on my 24K to see how it sounded on Meteorites, well on sound with no musical note it just got a ZIP ZIP , but when I changed to the Musical note showing I got the Grunt.
      This was tested on a 10 gram Franconia and a 7 gram Gold Basin.....numbers was a solid 1....just what I found today and thought I would share....
      Getting to know this machine a little better.
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      For those who did not get one as part of a two coil package...
      This coil is only compatible with the new White’s Goldmaster 24K - MSRP $149.95
      Part Number 801-3268-1

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      I’m looking for input about these three machines on what you like vs dislike on each of these detectors. 
      Me, personally since I do not own or even seen any of these detectors will even give my own likes vs dislikes.
      GM1000 - I like how it is a very hot machine capable of finding small stuff and how I hear it is a turn on and go detector with only a ferrous/nonferrous indicator. I don’t know how it reacts to hot rocks or if there is away you can avoid them. The best part about these three is I hear it’s the simplest to use(thinking about my dad who is interested but doesn’t have the patience to learn machines if he ever wants to use one of mine)
      Equinox - again I like how it is hot on small gold and even more with the new 6” coil. I hear it’s water proof? I don’t know how complicated it can be to learn this machine or if it can read the ground for search a good spot to run a sluice.
      Whites 24k - pretty much if it is hot on small gold I like the idea. What I really like about this machine is it’s ability to track black sand for a possible prospect. I like the option to cancel out the iron on both the low reading numbers and the high reading numbers. I’m thinking this might be a little complicated for a newbie with all the functions but I really like the controls the machine has. 
      Bottom line is I am trying to decide which new detector I am gonna buy next year and want to hear your likes and dislikes about each of these machines.
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      I took the new GM24K into the hills this past weekend for its maiden nugget hunt. Although my first time out with it was actually a week prior, it really wasn’t a hunt since I was mainly just familiarizing myself with the features and functionality of the machine and trying out different settings on a small buried test nugget. But after finally getting the 24k dialed in, I did happen to find a subgrainer a mere foot away from the test nugget that day; an obvious zippy target at an inch and a half deep.👍 This little yellow speck won’t even register on my grain scale!

      So fast forward to Saturday: I was digging every target or nuance of a target and noting the VID numbers. The occasional hot rocks in the area seemed to lock in at a solid 1 or 2 on the display screen, without deviation, but even the smallest of the subgrain nuggets I found would bounce around into higher registers, sometimes in the 70s or 80s, making it easy to differentiate the gold from the hot rocks. Slow and careful searching yielded 5 of the little yellow blighters.

      Sunday I continued on where I left off on Saturday, and although I was finding tiny bits of foil and lead, the gold eluded me all day until just an hour before quitting time. I was in a trashy area littered with small remnants of old timers boot tacks that just screamed on the 24k; they were shallow enough so that a quick dig and poke with the super magnet took care of them. One of the screamers however stood out from the others because it was reading much higher on the VID. First thought was something sizeable like a 22 bullet or casing, but it turned out to be a chunk of bedrock. A quick rinse with water revealed it was actually lithified ancient riverbed sediment containing a partially exposed nugget.😃

      Definitely a nice surprise. The 24k sniffed out a couple of subgrainers nearby to round out the day.

      I’m really liking the new Goldmaster 24k, a very versatile VLF gold machine with innovative ground balancing technology. It’s lightweight, well balanced, very stable at high sensitivity with minimal coil bump falsing, has a pleasant tone, and won’t easily tip over when sitting on the ground. Good work, White’s! 😉