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Headphones MX Sport, Best Coil At Colonial Iron Filled Cellar Holes

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I don't go near water, which headphones should I buy?

is there a way to set up headphones as wire less?

Also  best coil at colonial iron filled cellar holes??





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There are numerous aftermarket setups that can make the MX Sport goes wireless, like the Garrett Z-Lynk system. I have used the Z-Lynk and not only did it work well but it’s reasonably priced.

Check out this great video Tom did for more coil comparison information.


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Thank you steve and Tboy,


now I am not sure MX Six Shooter vs  Detech 7" shooter coil,  

couldn't find any comparable videos with them against each other on utube


but the wireless looks like the way to go

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Any body Know if Minelab WM 08 Wireless Audio Module will work with a MX SPORT COMPATIBLE HEAD PHONE

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I just got this truly from a dealer


Q:   For MX SPORT  Will z-lynk work with  whites headphones, or am I better off getting z-lynk pkg with garret had phones 


A::  "I dont think it will actually. You need a standard 1/4” plug and the mx sport has that weird plug on it. "

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1 hour ago, amergin said:


the mxs used to come with an adapter to use a standard headphone. 

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To use any aftermarket wireless audio system you would need the adapter gambler linked to above. It used to come with the MX Sport and I assume it still does. The Garrett Z-Lynk system is affordable and works well.

If you want to use and Equinox WM-08 module on your Equinox nearly any headphone can be made to work, but many need adapters. Details here.

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      I have been playing with my Garrett Euroace (Ace 350) for the past couple of days, working it out and learning the machine to teach my daughter how to use it.  I was air testing some modern coinage to see what notches on the target ID scale they come up as so I could set up her discrimination. I got lazy and started waving them on the detector side of the coil, I noticed I was able to detect the coins all the way up to past where the shaft changes from plastic to metal, this is at 40cm, 15.7 inches in the old digits, this was with the coil straight too so when it's tilted it's even closer to the metal part of the shaft.
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      We recieved the 15's from Crawfords in the UK . Who kindly sent mine with Randy's together for Saturday delivery .Thank you the Crawfords crew you made this hunt possible .
      Kev my son with his sooty and sweep went out with Randy Dee on a permission that has been well detected in the last few years .
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      I have been a very lucky guy to have been using the new Equinox 15x12" coil .
      I decided not to tease anyone with threads about it until it was out there and becoming available to the public.
      As they are starting to trickle through now I will now say what a awesome coil this coil this thing is.
      Light for size, very sensitive for a big coil, good pinpointing and really great depth ( depth at the beach amazes me and gives me a workout to dig targets ),
      Its Spring here and I am just getting back into the water with the warmer temperatures so hopefully some gold jewellery will fall in my scoop .
      Even though Winter at the beach here is a bit slow, I have done some wet sand + some shallow saltwater hunting when some very low tides occurred.
      This 15" coil is stable (as good as the 11") in the saltwater and IMHO it is not difficult to swing underwater in light - medium wave action.
      Most of my hunting has been for modern coins in parklands and a few beach hunts.
      I have found stacks of $1 and $2 coins and almost least one ring every time that I have had it out...most have been silver -  one gold ring to date.
      The 11" coil has not been back on my Eq800 since I have had the 15" , the bigger coverage it provides suits my style of hunting very well.
      So if you are thinking of a good Christmas present for yourself this is one that I  highly recommend and is one that will probably pay for itself in no time.
      cheers from Downunder and happy hunting 😀