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Hip Stick For GPZ

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I've just been out in the field with the GPZ 7000 and I could not possibly use it without a weight assist.  I'm using my HipStick that I use with my other Minelabs (3030, 5000).  I use the 5000 harness but there could be others.  It is simple to unhook and I don't feel like I have put on armour to go out detecting.

JP has a video where he put it together for the 4000.


The ProSwing bungee is the BEST.

When going up or down a slope it can be adjusted with one hand to perfectly balance the coil.  Without this my arm would be unable to prevent fatigue and tennis elbow from flaring up.  I don't even need the extra arm which is good because I'm using that one for the pick.

Here's the site to get one:  http://detectoraid.com/


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There are a lot of prospectors who would not be able to be swinging a detector

for prolonged periods of time without the HipStick.

I am one of them.

Thanks Chris…

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Thanks for that site:  http://detectoraid.com/;

The HipStick is relatively new and addresses a major problem these heavier detectors are causing - fatigue.  ML had addressed this issue with their ProSwing 45 Harness, which works great.  Yet they have just modified their ProSwing 45 yet never mentioned it, nor advertised the newer model anywhere.


Not every MD'ing swinger has adopted the PS-45, however alot have, and personally, I find it quite comfortable.  The problem is, apparently this new model is only available when you buy the new GPZ 7000, and well needed due to the stock - heavy coil.


The new variant is pretty-much the same as the original, but has two J-strut's (one for each side) instead of one, as well as cross-bar over a new doubled bungee strap (between each D-Ring one each shoulder strap) - this replacing the older sternum strap.  That modification appears to stabilize the distance between the two shoulder straps since there is a force on both - pushing inward, and I'll have to customize my own fix for that part.


I've ordered the parts kit (replacement type kit: another J-strut, a bungee, and the S-strap) to bring my original PS-45 closer to the performance of the new model.  Swinging can get tiring for the arm and shoulder without these aids, particularly with some of these newer model detectors.  I wish ML would promote their new aids and make them available to the rest of us....  Those of us who haven't yet stepped up to the GPZ.

(Spoken by one who now fields: ML GPX 5000; SDC 2300, Garrett ATX)



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Dave, the HipStick has been around since 2006 or slightly earlier.

I know this because that's how long I have used one.

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