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    • By Rivers rat
      ^th trench deeper wider and longer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jackshit 1 medieval knife blade lots of sweat for not much......

    • By Hard Prospector
      Well my Sand Shark is about finished so time to shop for a new dedicated (salt water ) beach detector. This machine will be dedicated to wet sand and/or surf only environment. Currently considering the ATX and TDIBH,, any suggestions / input would be appreciated.............Thanks!
    • By Deep1
      Just received Nox #3.
      The first two were bad out of box.
      The first thing I noticed about both of them, when I noise cancel, I had to press detect button 2 twice to return to detect screen at times.
      This didn't happen all the time, but often.
      I noise cancel and  press detect 1 time and hear beep, but screen remains in noise cancel until button is pressed again.
      If in NC and 1 press doesn't return to detect screen, I can NC and 1 press a few times and then the detect screen will return after a NC and 1 press.
      Pulled Nox #3 out of box, connected coil, turned it on, did NC, pressed detect button, screen froze, tried again, same thing 2 or 3 times.
      Turned off, turned on, same thing.
      Went to video the problem and it worked like it should 4 or 5 times, before a screen freeze.
      Does anybody have this issue?
      Do you have to press detect button 2 times to return to detect screen?
    • By Edsped
      Hello all, as some of you may know, I’m a very keen water detectorist and the Equinox is my go to water hunting machine BUT, last year after about 40-50 hours of water detecting my Equinox did end up flooding from normal (not exceeding 3m) use.
      From what I have read, this doesn’t appear to be entirely unusual.  My suggestion is a waterproof case for the machine that can still let you to do all the normal things with your Equinox whilst adding little weight.
      I understand this isn’t for everyone but can I get a show of hands for who would like something like this and what it would take for you to consider it?
      At this point the idea is purely just an idea but if there is enough perceived interest I may just make a handful 👌
      Cheers, Ed
    • By Sting Ray
      I know areas where rings have been lost and, to my knowledge, not found.  I understand a strong storm will relocate a ring.  I also wonder if a ring is lost in 3 foot of water during the low tide, will it eventually work it's way up the beach?  I believe that a man's gold ring will sink in the sand to a harder layer of shells or clay (hard pan layer).  It will remain there until a force of water pushes it either up or down.   I also realize there are small lower pockets of these hard pan layers that cause lead weights and rings to gather as if they were in a concave bowl.   My friend says that through time the rings will be moved higher up with the seasonal sand movements and eventually make it to the wet sand of the b
      I wish there was a way to test items in the surf for verification.
      Your thoughts?   
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Is there anyone that for any reason still prefers the older version 1.5.0 software over the newer 1.7.5? If so, why? Just curious.
      Equinox - How To Check Version Or Rollback To Older Version
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