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Some people would not upgrade their 7000 because they could not use the XChange.  I upgraded and lost my ability to use it.

I was also using it with the CTX 3030 and could see my beach finds quite easily.  Every month or so I'd update.  It was a routine when the memory was full.  I'd be out in the field and go to some of my last find points and continue to detect.  I stopped using the XChange.

Since I stopped using it I have had computer drive crashes and other events happen so now I don't even have the backups to change the file names back and forth.

The Nox doesn't care where you use it.  You just have to keep that data in your head or on your other devices.  History lost and unrecorded.


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I do not remember the sequence of actions to do this upgrade...small words please.

I have the program in my computer...gpz7000.mlx

now what???


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Well, never mind!

I don't know how or why but the program has updated...just tested in my yard and I am found-wp14.


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I was a bit slow to reply Fred but it is pretty simple, in the program when you run it you will see "update available" written at the top of the screen, like in the screenshot below


You just needed to click on that, it will download the installer and proceed to start installing, it will ask you to close down Xchange 2 by clicking the X at the top right on the screen before it can complete the install, then you're done..


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Thanks, Phrunt

Beside not having a brain...I quickly forget any technical process that I do not use...it must have been muscle memory-haha

It is a sad and lonely world sometimes...but then everything works and I find a nuggie...


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      Finally got a video up that goes over  and shows some the uses and benefits of lidar maps for the gold prospector and metal detectorist.  I also delve into some drone usage stuff at the end of the video.  Let me know what you think, and if your interested in some feel free to contact me.  I will hopefully have a website up in the near future, when i do i will let everyone know here.  
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      Several U.S. dealers are advertising a free GPZ 19 coil with GPZ 7000 purchases though 4/15. I have not been able to find this on the Minelab website so maybe U.S. only? So there is the forum "mission". Is this promotion good in Australia and the U.K. etc. or just something out of Minelab USA?

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