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Some people would not upgrade their 7000 because they could not use the XChange.  I upgraded and lost my ability to use it.

I was also using it with the CTX 3030 and could see my beach finds quite easily.  Every month or so I'd update.  It was a routine when the memory was full.  I'd be out in the field and go to some of my last find points and continue to detect.  I stopped using the XChange.

Since I stopped using it I have had computer drive crashes and other events happen so now I don't even have the backups to change the file names back and forth.

The Nox doesn't care where you use it.  You just have to keep that data in your head or on your other devices.  History lost and unrecorded.


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I do not remember the sequence of actions to do this upgrade...small words please.

I have the program in my computer...gpz7000.mlx

now what???


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Well, never mind!

I don't know how or why but the program has updated...just tested in my yard and I am found-wp14.


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I was a bit slow to reply Fred but it is pretty simple, in the program when you run it you will see "update available" written at the top of the screen, like in the screenshot below


You just needed to click on that, it will download the installer and proceed to start installing, it will ask you to close down Xchange 2 by clicking the X at the top right on the screen before it can complete the install, then you're done..


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Thanks, Phrunt

Beside not having a brain...I quickly forget any technical process that I do not use...it must have been muscle memory-haha

It is a sad and lonely world sometimes...but then everything works and I find a nuggie...


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    • By kiwijw
      Just my 10 cents worth on after market coils. I know this thread was about the coils for the 2300 but someone mentioned the Russian coils for the Zed. I made a small mention last week about me taking delivery of three of their coils. The 10 x 9, 12" round spiral wound & the 15 X 14. Last weekend with Simon I got skunked with the 10 X 9. I had great intentions of trialing all three this weekend but got off to a good start with the 15 X 14 & just stuck with it. Actually it is my 2nd outing with the 15 X 14 & it is proving to me to be doing a very good job on ground I have pounded to death with the Zed & the minelab 14" coil that had stopped producing gold finds.
      I will do a more in depth post later but just to show you how well this 15 X 14 Russian X coil did for me on ground that was no longer coughing up gold with the ML 14" coil. The depth were staggering. I bang on about how blown away I still am after 2.5 years of swinging the Zed & the ML 14" coil but this 15 X 14 coil is  next level. It runs quite a bit more sensitive so I am putting up with a bit more ratyness.  I tried to stay in my usual settings of High Yield/Normal & sensitivity up at 18-19. We had quite a bit of heavy rain the other day which made for much easier digging but it livened up the ground a bit. So wasn't able to handle the ratyness all the time. I have got into a good understanding of my Zed running in these high end settings I am pretty good though at dealing with it but it can get fatiguing with all that commotion & reading & deciphering the signals in between it all. But it pays off.
      3.3 grams at a good 14 inches. My biggest for ages.



      Some of the small ones were at around 4-5 inches. & 2  were just .06 of a gram.

      So small for that big coil at that depth. I think so any way.

      Total of 12 for 5.5 grams

      I am loving this coil. It has changed the face of my detecting for me on old flogged Zed ground. Ye Ha. Bring it on.
      Good luck out there
    • By flakmagnet
      It is unusual for a WM 12 to take over 24 hours to recharge? That is what I have recently been seeing when I recharge it after being out for about 6 hours of detecting. Does that mean the batteries need replacing? If so, how is that done?
      I will also take a look at the 7000 threads, but I don't remember seeing anything on this.
    • By Jin
      My second outing with the zed I tried the factory presets except I used semi-auto ground balance and ground smoothing off. Tried those settings on a patch I've pulled many different nuggets out of over the last year. (4.5 ounces) The zed didn't get any more targets using those settings. 
      I then proceeded to increase the sensitivity up a fair bit but still no luck. I tried many settings/timings but alas no more gold with the zed on this patch.
      As a last ditch resort to try and justify my purchase of the zed after a 3.5-year wait, I cranked the zed up to the most aggressive settings I could get away with hoping to find something that my 4500 had missed.  
      The settings were... Extra Deep, Normal, sensitivity 20, threshold pitch 33, Locate patch, audio smoothing high. (also used steelphase booster with filter 3 to quite it down even more) (ferrite balance etc) 
      I was pleasantly surprised at how well the zed handled the ground using these settings compared to the gpx when running flat out. Hardly any hot rocks compared to the gpx. Unfortunately after a day of trying this and many settings and thoroughly going over small patches of ground that the 4500 had success on the zed found nothing. My conclusion is one of three things.
      1. I don't know what I'm doing. Although surely it's pretty foolproof using the zed in factory settings with a controlled coil swing and the coil slightly off the ground. 
      2. Hitting my patch over the last year with the 4500 in Normal and Sharp timings with gain at 15 has done the job. Id previously used enhance with a high gain and done ok. But once i cranked it up in Normal there was still gold left that enhance couldn't hear. It makes me wonder if folk who say that they got gold in past patches with the zed ever bothered to max out the gpx on their patches first.
      3. The gold was fairly shallow (350mm was the deepest bit found) and all within the range of the gpx so no chance for the zed to prove its worth.
      I was a little disappointed with the zed if I am honest but will give it time and look forward to seeing some kind of advantage over the 4500 that I hear about from others who have had 4500/5000 and now swing the 7000. The thing that I didn't like is that it's advised to keep the coil slightly off the ground. I'm a scrubber and like to use the coiltek Elites to push branches/leaves out of the way in an attempt to get right up close to the ground. Sort of defeats the purpose if you ask me to be swinging 3cm off the ground.
    • By afreakofnature
      My Z’s GPS will not connect to the satellites.  I have left this on for days now for it to connect and did a factory reset and left in for a day. No luck.  Anyone else have this problem and maybe a solution.  Probably gonna be calling Minelab but my warrenty is just out of date.
    • By Jin
      When you connect the zed up to install updated software does it tell you if you any updates have been previously installed? The machine I just brought has only been used a few times (3 years old) The chap I bought it off didn't know much about prospecting so I'm presuming no updates have been done. 
    • By mn90403
      We've all had our 7000s for a few years now.  Much of the time we keep the same settings.  I'm going back to areas where I've used my 7000 and other detectors and not finding the small gold or the deep gold that I see some of my friends finding.  I haven't asked them recently about all of their settings.  I'll ask the general question now.  There is no RIGHT answer.  Maybe we all can learn something that will let us find a few more nuggets in our worked out patches.
      During my most recent gold trip I set up my 7000 like this:
      HY, Normal, Sen 8-14, Volume 8, TH 26, TH Pitch 53, Volume Limit 13, Audio Smoothing varied, GB Manual, Ground Smoothing Off or Find Patch, BZ Booster
      Using these settings I've found 15-50g meteorites at 8 inches but no gold (maybe I didn't get over it).  Hot rocks were manageable and few.
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