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For Sale X-terra And Teknetics Coils And Acc For Sale

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All Prices include shipping lower 48. USPS M.O. or PP F&F, add 3% for PP Goods

X-Terra coils
9" concentric HF (18.75Khz) coil with cover used once as new $95.00
9" MF (7.5Khz) concentric used very good $85.00
6" HF DD coil as new used maybe 3 times $75.00
10.5" MF DD with cover as new $85.00
36" Coiltek extension cable for X-Terra $35.00
X-Terra stock lower rod shortened to 19.5" length (2" longer than ML's optional 17.5" shortie) $30.00

11.5" DD for G2, Greek and Eurotek series machines has a nick in one of the "fins" (dropped digger?) but otherwise excellent $90.00
10x13" Mars Tiger coil with cover for Greek series machines. Comes with modified 20" lower rod for proper fit to Mars coil ears $105.00. Excellent mid conductor coil for the G2 as well.
6x10" Mars Sniper coil fits G2 great performing coil for the19Khz machines and suitable for Greek series machines as well. $70.00


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I'd most certainly buy the Mars Sniper but I think shipping to NZ would be prohibitive. 😞


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If NZers and Downunders saw how much Canadians pay for shipping just to get something from the States, I don't think they would complain about prices nearly as much.

I just did an estimate to ship a coil from here to NZ, there are 7 options ranging from $20 to $145 Canadian. Same prices to Australia.

If I wanted to ship that same package to Florida, there are 6 options from $18 to $95 Canadian for the same services essentially.

So on the low end, it only cost $2 more to ship something to NZ instead of Florida, that is a bargain IMO.

Sometimes sellers on eBay have huge prices for shipping to Canada because they either only use premium services like FedEx or cant be bothered to enter the shipping details to give you the actual rate, OR their price may include materials and handling.

Just last night I was looking at a pair of $12 Lipo batteries that is $14 to get here from the US, from a place about 5 hours drive away. I was basically forced to find the same batteries from the far east for a price of 5 for $20, free shipping. However you can't do that with everything. If I couldn't get the batteries from China, I would of had to pay the $14 shipping, still cheaper then driving I guess.

That is the real discrepancy. I can buy something from China for .99 cents free shipping, but if I wanted to send the same item the next town over it would cost $12. If you look at all your shipping transactions as a whole, to cost average them out, it may not seem as bad.

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