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Hold On To Your Popcorn! Relic Targets Everywhere!

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love him. ?

1. should I be swinging my coil that fast?

2. do all relic hunters dig such big holes?

3. is it possible he is on a dump site, hence the junk?

4. what were the signals he was bypassing?


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1.probably not

2. only if they dont want to damage a big target....Roman Treaure Box

3.Anythings possible"

4. Minelab must be showing Iron,,,Hes looking for Ag / Au coinage

Cheers Ig

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That be Craig Denney from the west country,they speak funny and have a weird sense of Humour,but he is a very good detectorist,but he has been experiment in a big way with 'Geophyising' and combining this also with detecting,the Geophyising machine is a cheap setup compared with what is on the market,but it does add another dimension too his hobby.

A few weeks back he was a on a old pasture site and found what is probably a DMV 'desert medieval village' and that would not have normally been found without him doing his 'Geophyising' so although is equipment is very basic but his interpretation of the basic graphs do make sense and you can see features that other wise you would not see,so this does give him some advantage of just using a metal detector.

This is his Geophyising channel

Must admit i am finding this additional subject interesting as its a bolt on piece of equipment that can aid 'relic/artifact/hoard' hunting especially here in the UK.

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