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    • By sdbirder
      I was having a relatively slow morning detecting at La Jolla Shores Beach in San Diego today, about $1 in clad and a euro coin when a young woman came up asking for help finding a ring. She was frantic and her husband was second guessing, saying it must be at home and asking when was the last time she saw it? She kept insisting it was here right here, next to the seawall. With just a couple swipes of my Equinox 800/15" coil I had it in the scoop. She was ecstatic and gave me a big hug. I've always dreamt of finding a big expensive engagement ring whilst detecting. I've gotten a few gold bands but nothing like this! I obviously didn't get to keep it, but it seemed to bring some good karma to the day and I found two large silver rings shortly afterward. She insisted on getting my info and address so I might be getting a reward or thank you letter later. Here's a couple pics of the expensive ring, the happy owner and the two silvers I got afterward.

    • By schoolofhardNox
      I couldn’t resist the good weather and one final beach hunt. First beach I hit was invaded by 3 bus loads of teenagers and a small pack of little kids. I think it’s one of those religious outings. One minute it’s quiet, the next minute it’s total chaos . So, I left to another beach and finished the hunt. This one is all GPX, as my metallic cuff for the Equinox was not in yet. I found a little bit of clad, with a decent amount of copper Wheats/Memorials and some nicely toned nickels. The good finds were limited to a Mercury, silver Roosevelt, silver wave ring, and a silver earring. No gold this time. Not a spectacular hunt, but a good way to end the season. Next week starts the archaeology detecting season that should go right into November. The last two pictures are from 2 seasons of CTX, Equinox and GPX hunting of beaches. I know a lot of people dread pull tabs, (especially park hunters) but on the beach Bobby pins and tent/canopy stakes kill me. Nothing like digging 16” looking for a stake that is really on the side of the hole at about 10” But I guess we all do our share of cleaning the trash from the beach.

    • By schoolofhardNox
      My beach detecting season is coming to a close, so I took the opportunity to get in another hunt. I am still recovering from a cold, but decided I wanted to get in a hunt anyways.  Besides, I got a couple of new coils to try out and couldn’t resist. First was the Equinox with the 15” coil. I wanted to return to a spot that I found those rings last week. Unfortunately, the area was mostly sanded in and the tide was relentless. First off, the arm cuff finally completed it breakage. The stand part broke off weeks earlier and now the arm cuff snapped. Why anyone would use PC instead of ABS for their material is beyond me. But I did get a chance to try it out for a while before it snapped. First impression is that coil did not like the sand at this beach. Reminded me of the CTX in that purple/black sand. I got a very iffy target that jumped to the 30’s every other sweep. So, I did a lot of iron bias/recovery speed adjustments as well as adjusting the sensitivity down as well as up. Tried beach 1 and 2. Quarter was 4” down and I couldn’t believe how poorly the signal was received. This was dry sand area. So, I will test it another day at another beach. I’m sure it’s a great coil, so I’m still looking forward to hitting the fields with it. Now, the 8x16” coil for the GPX was just what I expected it to be. Solid, deep and a tad bit heavy, but a perfect size for deep beach hunting. Not a lot of coins found, probably the lowest coin total for this year. A did stumble onto a  planted beach hunt V nickel that looks like it has been there for a couple of years. Nicer finds included a couple of probable silver earrings, a stainless steel (unfortunately) ring and a nice gold hoop. It has extremely tiny hallmarks and an off-center stamp which probably reads 500 (12K). I can see the 00, so I’m assuming it says 500. Not the best hunt in the world considering the drive down. Always nice to see the sun out and do what I love to do best.

    • By schoolofhardNox
      Haven’t had a lot of free time to detect but did take yesterday off to hit a beach. I had to try out the new aluminum handle on the GPX. Works excellent and does not snap like the stock one does with a heavy coil on it. I found the usual junk, but surprisingly not too much. There were quite a few brass targets to get the heart pumping that looked like gold at first glance. The normal junk jewelry was there along with a spoon handle that may be nickel or silver. No sign of brass/copper. Not magnetic. I’m a little surprised at the number of nickels still to be found. A little bit of clad with some great toning on some of the copper pennies. For the good stuff: A Walking Liberty half, War nickel, silver Roosevelt, and a dated Buffalo. In the good jewelry category, I was again surprised to get a small signet ring that is unmarked gold, also having a nice toning. Must be 9k with the base metal toning. It buffs right out to look a solid gold color. Old lettering I’m only guessing early 1900’s to about 30’s?? Also got a class ring that hopefully makes the return a breeze, considering it has the person’s full name in cursive inside the band. Definitely before we considered identity theft LOL. And the final surprise of the day came from this gorgeous crucifix. Gold marked 10KN. The N part is new to me. Wondering if it means plum gold? Anyone know? Just a great day to be out and enjoy the good weather.

    • By Horst
      Hi there,
      I have about 100 hours on my new Nox and it rocks! Big time! It is my first "modern" high gain detector and I love it. Now that the swimming and sunshine season is about to arrive here in Germany soon, my plan is to hunt the shallow waters of some lakes highly frequented by people for years. I doubt that many detectors have been IN the water yet. Which program would be a good start? My suggestion goes towards Field or maybe the Park progs? My general hunting I do in Field 1. I would love to hear your experiences in Freshwater. The ground is not mineralized at all.
    • By mn90403
      I had a chance for a beach hunt this afternoon.  Conditions are not ideal but a bit of energy did move the sand a bit.  I didn't see many clues so I just hunted the expected and unexpected spots.  The quantity of targets was low but they turned out to be very interesting.  The first ring (16g) has a hand on it and an opal?/plastic stone.  It has no markings but appears to be stainless.  The second ring sounded like a quarter and a little higher 31-32 and it is 9 grams of silver and stone.  It is uncleaned.  The final good target was barely audible even tho it was more shallow than the rings.  It was a garbled sound that was a chain I thought.  Its a dagger with some rust on it.  The top is broken off but the detail and the feel of the plastic is above average.  It almost looks like carved ivory but it is not.  The good finds had all been in the water at high tide.

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