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Another fantastic development of your mapping / land use and ownership system Barry. It truly amazes me what you folks have accomplished. Land Matters is the most complete one stop land information repository available to the general public as well as professionals.

Thank you to you and all of your people, hope you have a great thanksgiving.


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    • By Gold Hound
      Hi Guys
      I've started this post to inform members and non member detectorists that the NQMA  (North Queensland Miners Association) is lobbying the Queensland Mines department to change access laws to EPM's (exploration tenements)
      The proposed change would ban detecting and prospecting on exploration tenements without the consent of the tenement holder.
      This would effectively ban metal detecting in any gold field as they are mostly covered by exploration tenements. Whats worse is that more than half of the members of the NQMA are detectorists or hobby prospectors. And they are using the money from their yearly fee's to lobby for this change.
      This change is the brain child of James Said the current president of the organization.
      I urge members and non members to contact the NQMA and voice your concern about the changes they are lobbying for.
      To contact the NQMA please email info@nqma.com.au, please reference the best contact below in your email.
      President – James Said
      Vice President – Graham Byrne
      Secretary – Lyn Byrne
      Treasurer – Michele Mobbs
      Native Title Officer – Paul Crossland
      Publicity Officer – James Said
      Feel free to spread the word 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is pretty neat stuff, and I think the applications for prospectors and relic hunters are obvious...

    • By fredmason
      another ---- question from me...
      Is there a "easy" way to move my google earth account from my old computer to my new computer.  I would like to keep the waypoints I have...just because I like them...
      remember, small words and simple directions for fred...
    • By Sourdough Scott
      This is a great response.  Had to share. 
    • By AUddicted
      The other day I pulled up Google Earth as usual but now the navigation and zoom controls and the tool bar icons are very tiny. And now my placemark labels are larger than normal. I cannot figure out how to reset it back.
      Has anyone else experienced this? 
    • By vanursepaul
      Don't know if i am the only one who hadn't seen this video and AU information site---- but check it out---- It looks so simple that even Klunker could handle it!!!!!
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