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Ridge Runner

MX Sport 749.00 - ? - Equinox 800 899.00

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Both the MX Sport and the Equinox 800 are waterproof and that’s about where the two are alike ends.

 Now if we want to put the detectors that have the option to run in different frequencies then how would you place them in price? I speaking about the ones that have other frequencies but still run only one at a time .

 Now remember the Equinox is at the top with a price of 899.00 and a true multi frequency.

  Would you want to slip it in between the Sport and the Equinox in price? Maybe we could lower the price of the Sport and place the ones we’ve been talking about in it’s spot..

 Just thinking out loud but everyone has their own opinion.



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I wish I had these troubles, to buy the cheapest Whites machine new in NZ I'd have to get it shipped from overseas, and deal with GST and import duties along with insane shipping costs, it would be cheaper to buy a Equinox 800 than a White's Xventure kids machine... I hope you're hearing me Whites, we need a dealer!


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Ah, Phrunt, but you've got all that beautiful scenery and gold within easy reach, and you don't even have to worry about snakes.  I think I'd trade you the taxes, duties and shipping for that. . .  But I hear you.  It does seem strange that Whites can't find a metal detector dealer in New Zealand willing to carry its line.

Ridge Runner, don't forget the Equinox 600, which is priced lower than the MX Sport and Multi Kruzer, I believe.  The Equinox, at least in the 600, probably offers the most bang for the buck of the three, but users of the Multi Kruzer may disagree. 


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I wouldn't by a White's for $50 less then Equinox because of the Deus lite. 

In reality it is really hard to find a reason to buy a White's.

Think about this, even if the Sport was priced right at $350, would you swing it with the Equinox and the Deus out there? (I've used the Deus in the water for a long time, for some reason folks forget it's waterproof.) Just because it was cheap? I don't think so. $50 won't be enough of a price difference unless the consumer is completely uneducated.

$350 would be a good way for White's to try and intercept a few customers, stomp all over the Ace market, do what you're good at they say, build the customer brand loyalty with the beginner, we all know how for that goes.

I say this because price is really only a small aspect of performance. If overpaying for something doesn't get you depth, why buy it?

If I ran White's or Garret today, I would be all over that beginner market. Consolidate the ridiculous amount of models and give them a "good" machine at a "beginner machine" price.
The easiest (cost effective) way for them to react is to just get rid of that beginner lineup and slash the price of the ATPro and Sport.

That is the only way Garret and White's is going to put any heat back on Minelab and remain profitable. (If they are profitable.) Garret could be in good shape from all the ATPro they sold, I can only speculate, depends on their costs. White's however must be hurting, that company must just be running on just credit or fumes by now. I doubt they will sell enough sport to pay for the injection molded tooling, let alone make a profit. Although they are a small company, so who knows. 

When I review what I have written and compare my strategy for Garret and White's to go after the FTP market, I realize it might be a bit naive. First Texas has branded products in box stores all over the world, well in Canada they do. A beginner is more likely to purchase from a box store if it's close then to "look for a dealer" online in most cases. I remember when White's wouldn't even advertise prices, those days of customer entitlement are long gone.

I apologize if this seems like a bit of a tangent, TL DR White's should eat the Ace market with it's multi freq Sport before Garret realizes it needs to eat itself. Can't put the Genie back in the bottle now.

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My ace in the hole was the Equinox 600 that I was going to slide next to the 800. In my opinion should push the price of all other detectors lower in price. This is all relating what the detector has to offer and how it should be priced.

 I could have put up any detector that was waterproof. Being waterproof was the first factor to come in to the evaluation of this post I started.

 I’m well aware that all detector companies will sell their product at a price that a profit can be made. I believe also some will still be buying single frequency detectors years from now . We humans will pay the price of something if we like it and a lot of people like single frequency detectors.

 If Minelab didn’t come out with the Nox all of us dumb butts would have been happy with what we had !

 For over fifty years I’ve been happy with a single frequency detector but Minelab has really upset my apple cart. If I die today it will be nothing but unrest knowing I could have been swinging a Nox if Minelab had come around sooner.haha


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Hi Chuck and all,

I couldn't agree more with your assessments.  The Deus, Deus Lite, Equinox 800 and Equinox 600 are amazing mid-level detectors, period. There is no way I would pay the same or more money for a single frequency mid-level detector that is for general use, waterproof or not. Whites, Garrett, FTP and Nokta/Makro are really stretching reality when they price their detectors over the price of an Equinox 600. I have many hours on the MX7, Multi-Kruzer, F19/G2+ and AT Gold so I feel confident about this.  None of those detectors should be priced over $500. I noticed that the F19 and G2+ prices have dropped below $500 on some sites. There really is no comparison between them and the Deus/Equinox.  They are in another realm!

Jeff McClendon

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MX Sport did not make the cut for my list of 21st Century Metal Detectors due to the lack of built in wireless headphone capability. An arbitrary requirement on my part for sure, but one I think a lot of people would agree with. In my opinion it is past time that any top end detector include wireless headphone capability as a standard feature.

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Being a Product Manager at a competing company after the release of the Nox's likely lead to an increased stress level. ?

And when you reduce prices and your dealers/distributors are setting on inventory that they purchased at higher prices, and have been paying a Floor Plan on.....oh boy some unhappy campers! 

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Not only that, they may reduce the prices and the sales volumes stay around the same, so they make even less money.  The dealers stuck with stock that they paid higher prices than the new retail for will suffer.  Nobody wins in a situation like this.  I have noticed even my dealer has slashed the prices of his X-Terra range of detectors, making a loss on them no doubt as they just aren't selling.  I am sure he won't get more in once they're sold.

We don't want the other brands to collapse, we want to support them so if they made their prices more competitive on their mid/high level machines they would make excellent first time detector owner machines and people should still be recommending them as good machines, they are. Remember these are the machines you all loved a year or two ago. 

I love my Equinox but that doesn't stop me having an urge to swing my T2 quite regularly, it still works and it works well, just not as well.

I think this thread is what Minelab was talking about with their "obsoletes other detectors" statement.  I certainly wouldn't want to be the head honcho at any other manufacturer right now, they have some tough decisions ahead. 

If they can't compete with the multi IQ technology they know the other list of wishes people have, they have been talked about on here for years and they can do them, might be time to do that and come out fighting.

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1:We call Phrunt ... many detectors are fine, maybe the best detectors may be less .. 2: ..Ridge Runner... also calls for technical advances in detectors to have come much faster and for better money..3: Producer: it's time to stretch the sails..

November 16 iphone5S 2018 011_DxO.jpg

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      https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/339677/EQUINOX SOFTWARE UPDATE A4 EN
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      Minimum System requirements:
      USB 2.0 port
      EQUINOX USB Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector
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      Only one EQUINOX can be connected to the computer during an update operation. The EQUINOX must be ON during the software update. Any custom detector settings will be preserved while performing the update. An internet connection is required to download the Minelab Update Utility to the computer, however, an internet connection is not required to update the EQUINOX and this can be done offline. The EQUINOX coil must be connected to perform the update. Important: Do not turn off or disconnect the EQUINOX during the update process.
      Download the MINELAB Update Utility here.
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      As said I like both the Sport and the Nox face . The great thing about them as you hunt you can really look at the face of each and know what you have notched out . What makes the Nox even better over the Sport is you can notch out one number at a time .
       Oh I know the Nox has so many fine qualities over the Sport it will never have but like the Nox it has a pretty face .
       I don’t know why but a pretty face always tugs at my heart strings and a detector is no different.

      White's MX Sport Display and Controls

      Minelab Equinox Display & Controls
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