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Both the MX Sport and the Equinox 800 are waterproof and that’s about where the two are alike ends.

 Now if we want to put the detectors that have the option to run in different frequencies then how would you place them in price? I speaking about the ones that have other frequencies but still run only one at a time .

 Now remember the Equinox is at the top with a price of 899.00 and a true multi frequency.

  Would you want to slip it in between the Sport and the Equinox in price? Maybe we could lower the price of the Sport and place the ones we’ve been talking about in it’s spot..

 Just thinking out loud but everyone has their own opinion.



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MX Sport did not make the cut for my list of 21st Century Metal Detectors due to the lack of built in wireless headphone capability. An arbitrary requirement on my part for sure, but one I think a lot

Do they still have the brains behind the earlier detectors working for them? I believe Dave Johnson bounced around a few manufacturers, each brand must of had a guy or two who were the designers, are

White's does offer absolutely fantastic customer service.  While Minelab is improving and Makro is already very good, White's is simply far and away the best in the industry and the gold standard for

Posted Images

I wish I had these troubles, to buy the cheapest Whites machine new in NZ I'd have to get it shipped from overseas, and deal with GST and import duties along with insane shipping costs, it would be cheaper to buy a Equinox 800 than a White's Xventure kids machine... I hope you're hearing me Whites, we need a dealer!


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Ah, Phrunt, but you've got all that beautiful scenery and gold within easy reach, and you don't even have to worry about snakes.  I think I'd trade you the taxes, duties and shipping for that. . .  But I hear you.  It does seem strange that Whites can't find a metal detector dealer in New Zealand willing to carry its line.

Ridge Runner, don't forget the Equinox 600, which is priced lower than the MX Sport and Multi Kruzer, I believe.  The Equinox, at least in the 600, probably offers the most bang for the buck of the three, but users of the Multi Kruzer may disagree. 


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I wouldn't by a White's for $50 less then Equinox because of the Deus lite. 

In reality it is really hard to find a reason to buy a White's.

Think about this, even if the Sport was priced right at $350, would you swing it with the Equinox and the Deus out there? (I've used the Deus in the water for a long time, for some reason folks forget it's waterproof.) Just because it was cheap? I don't think so. $50 won't be enough of a price difference unless the consumer is completely uneducated.

$350 would be a good way for White's to try and intercept a few customers, stomp all over the Ace market, do what you're good at they say, build the customer brand loyalty with the beginner, we all know how for that goes.

I say this because price is really only a small aspect of performance. If overpaying for something doesn't get you depth, why buy it?

If I ran White's or Garret today, I would be all over that beginner market. Consolidate the ridiculous amount of models and give them a "good" machine at a "beginner machine" price.
The easiest (cost effective) way for them to react is to just get rid of that beginner lineup and slash the price of the ATPro and Sport.

That is the only way Garret and White's is going to put any heat back on Minelab and remain profitable. (If they are profitable.) Garret could be in good shape from all the ATPro they sold, I can only speculate, depends on their costs. White's however must be hurting, that company must just be running on just credit or fumes by now. I doubt they will sell enough sport to pay for the injection molded tooling, let alone make a profit. Although they are a small company, so who knows. 

When I review what I have written and compare my strategy for Garret and White's to go after the FTP market, I realize it might be a bit naive. First Texas has branded products in box stores all over the world, well in Canada they do. A beginner is more likely to purchase from a box store if it's close then to "look for a dealer" online in most cases. I remember when White's wouldn't even advertise prices, those days of customer entitlement are long gone.

I apologize if this seems like a bit of a tangent, TL DR White's should eat the Ace market with it's multi freq Sport before Garret realizes it needs to eat itself. Can't put the Genie back in the bottle now.

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My ace in the hole was the Equinox 600 that I was going to slide next to the 800. In my opinion should push the price of all other detectors lower in price. This is all relating what the detector has to offer and how it should be priced.

 I could have put up any detector that was waterproof. Being waterproof was the first factor to come in to the evaluation of this post I started.

 I’m well aware that all detector companies will sell their product at a price that a profit can be made. I believe also some will still be buying single frequency detectors years from now . We humans will pay the price of something if we like it and a lot of people like single frequency detectors.

 If Minelab didn’t come out with the Nox all of us dumb butts would have been happy with what we had !

 For over fifty years I’ve been happy with a single frequency detector but Minelab has really upset my apple cart. If I die today it will be nothing but unrest knowing I could have been swinging a Nox if Minelab had come around sooner.haha


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Hi Chuck and all,

I couldn't agree more with your assessments.  The Deus, Deus Lite, Equinox 800 and Equinox 600 are amazing mid-level detectors, period. There is no way I would pay the same or more money for a single frequency mid-level detector that is for general use, waterproof or not. Whites, Garrett, FTP and Nokta/Makro are really stretching reality when they price their detectors over the price of an Equinox 600. I have many hours on the MX7, Multi-Kruzer, F19/G2+ and AT Gold so I feel confident about this.  None of those detectors should be priced over $500. I noticed that the F19 and G2+ prices have dropped below $500 on some sites. There really is no comparison between them and the Deus/Equinox.  They are in another realm!

Jeff McClendon

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MX Sport did not make the cut for my list of 21st Century Metal Detectors due to the lack of built in wireless headphone capability. An arbitrary requirement on my part for sure, but one I think a lot of people would agree with. In my opinion it is past time that any top end detector include wireless headphone capability as a standard feature.

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Being a Product Manager at a competing company after the release of the Nox's likely lead to an increased stress level. ?

And when you reduce prices and your dealers/distributors are setting on inventory that they purchased at higher prices, and have been paying a Floor Plan on.....oh boy some unhappy campers! 

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Not only that, they may reduce the prices and the sales volumes stay around the same, so they make even less money.  The dealers stuck with stock that they paid higher prices than the new retail for will suffer.  Nobody wins in a situation like this.  I have noticed even my dealer has slashed the prices of his X-Terra range of detectors, making a loss on them no doubt as they just aren't selling.  I am sure he won't get more in once they're sold.

We don't want the other brands to collapse, we want to support them so if they made their prices more competitive on their mid/high level machines they would make excellent first time detector owner machines and people should still be recommending them as good machines, they are. Remember these are the machines you all loved a year or two ago. 

I love my Equinox but that doesn't stop me having an urge to swing my T2 quite regularly, it still works and it works well, just not as well.

I think this thread is what Minelab was talking about with their "obsoletes other detectors" statement.  I certainly wouldn't want to be the head honcho at any other manufacturer right now, they have some tough decisions ahead. 

If they can't compete with the multi IQ technology they know the other list of wishes people have, they have been talked about on here for years and they can do them, might be time to do that and come out fighting.

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1:We call Phrunt ... many detectors are fine, maybe the best detectors may be less .. 2: ..Ridge Runner... also calls for technical advances in detectors to have come much faster and for better money..3: Producer: it's time to stretch the sails..

November 16 iphone5S 2018 011_DxO.jpg

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    • By phrunt
      My daughter had a friends party to go to this weekend, it's currently a long weekend not that it changes my life but it means a lot of people are off on adventures and doing small breaks, I figured seeing I was going to be right near the beach to pick my daughter up from the party I'd take my detector for a quick hunt.  I only had a couple of hours and I didn't think I'd find much, although I think it's a nice beach it's not overly busy and as we are just in spring the hot beach weather isn't quite here yet, although today was 25 degrees celsius which is 77f in the old money so it was pretty warm.  A few surfers were out but not much in the way of beach goers hanging around on the beach which was good.
      I had my pooch with me as he seemed to be itching for some time away from the house but my wife mostly looked after him, he came and did a bit of detecting but he was just getting in the way.

      I parked near a giant concrete whale for a look around then moved on, the area didn't look like a good detecting spot, too many people around for my liking as there was a playground nearby.

      A bit further along seemed alright, parked down near the beach but had to go exploring the hill to see what was about.... my dog dragged me up.

      the beach is covered in pebbles and shells, it's also typical of a New Zealand beach with a lot of black sand, the Nox was a constant -9 on the entire beach.  I was hoping this big bit of drift wood might have something under it from people sitting on it, but there was nothing..... I also wasn't finding any junk anywhere.  I was wondering if my Nox was just struggling with the black sand.  The ground balance was fine on it though, it wasn't an issue unless I went to all metal then it was always -9.

      Next Stop! Antarctica!
      I found I had to ground balance a bit as the concentrations of black sand were pretty obvious.
      I did a bit more explorirng and found an area that looks like the tides go into it moving the sand around.

      and had my first good target in the bottom channel of it.

      Not even sure what coin it is 🙂
      My next coin was in a similar area further along, I wasn't overly gridding or doing anything fancy, just walking along exploring.

      This area looked like the water had washed it out, like sluicing from gold miners 🙂 I have no idea how to read beaches, I was probably more thinking prospecting than beach detecting.  You'll notice all my dig holes in the above photo, all coins.

      Often quite deep too ,and all old, no modern currency all coins from some time ago.

      an old Shilling, not sure if it's silver but very likely as most years of shillings were.  It's ID was right for a silver shilling.

      Next coin.

      A Florin, also an old coin, 1950.  I might be the first person to detect this area, or the first person with a detector good enough to see through all the black sand to get these deeper coins, someone had obviously gone through and cleaned up any modern shallow finds as I wasn't finding modern coins.
      I was finding Target ID's were terrible until I had them out of the dig holes, the black sand really messed with ID's so I was just digging all targets, often hunting in pinpoint mode as it worked better than normal modes, especially now I knew there was old deep coins.

      This one was quite deep too, I found it in pinpoint mode, I had no idea what I'd found at the time, a coin I'd never seen before.

      It's from French Polynesia.

      A nice bit of Paua Shell (Abalone)

      Nothing down near the water, most the coins I found were in that sluiced out looking channel that I guess the tides washed out.
      Time to go pick my daughter up....   The time went way too fast as I was having fun.

      All except the bright silver coin are old currency, no longer in circulation.  The only junk I found the entire time were the two sinkers.

      And the French Polynesia coin.

      It's 100 French Franc's from 1984 with a mintage of about 500,000 and some info about it here https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces1356.html
      French Polynesia is a French overseas collectivity in the South Pacific between Australia and Chile. Its main island is Tahiti and its population is 270,000.
      Might of been a good place to use the Fisher Impulse AQ.... no junk, plenty of finds, lots of black sand...... Only problem is I don't have one, yet.....  I might try the QED there next time.  This time I wasn't even armed with a sand scoop or anything, just my prospecting plastic scoop, I was very under prepared for a beach detect, at least I had the F-pulse with me as it handles the beach well, much better than my Carrot AT.
    • By Jeff McClendon
      I have been wanting to do a little video like this for quite awhile but videos are definitely not my thing. Anyway, I have a contact in the storage unit auction business that lets me know when they win auctions with prospecting equipment. They recently won a unit that they are still going through that had two brand new Minelab Vanquish 540s, a basically new Tesoro Cibola and a brand new Garrett AT Pro. I bought three of them to do some testing and sell later or keep if I liked them. I sold the 540 already since I know what it can do.
      This short 4 minute attempt at a video is for target ID accuracy and up averaging of IDs in mineralized dirt. This test video is of four 14kHz or higher mid level detectors on a surface US nickel, 4" nickel and 6" nickel under the gray cap, which has been buried for several years. Also there is a surface US quarter and a 6" quarter under the red cap. The detectors in order are the XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola, Garrett AT Pro and the Minelab Equinox 800.
      The XP Deus is ground balanced at 87 and uses stock Coin Fast at 17.5 kHz with the 9" X35 coil, 90 sensitivity. Please pay close attention to the small vertical mineralization bar on the far right side of the display which stays half to over 2/3s full. The Cibola with the 9X8 elliptical concentric, sensitivity on 8, is set up to just notch out US nickels and hit everything higher. The headphone volume is not very loud, sorry. Notice how the Cibola deeper nickel targets are no longer notched out.......if you can hear the audio and how the Cibola can barely hit the 6" quarter which has been buried for several years. The Garrett AT Pro, 8.5"X11" DD coil is in Pro Zero with discrimination set at 35, no other notching, sensitivity on the next highest setting and ground balanced at 93. The Minelab Equinox 800 is in Park 2. It ground balanced at 2 and the EMI is so bad that sensitivity is set at 14 of 25. I left it in my custom 5 tone very harmonious setting and also did a noise cancel. Otherwise no other adjustments were made. To further handicap the Nox 800 besides using 5 tones (50 tones are more accurate) and sensitivity on 14, I also put the 6" DD coil on the 800. Watch all the way to the end if you can when I do a slightly different test with the NOX!
      Again, 3 US nickel targets and 2 US quarters with the deepest targets at 6".
      Thanks for watching and my apologies for this poor attempt at a test video. Turn you volume up and because I am dumb, rewind to the very beginning since it starts about 20 seconds in if you don't. My bad.
    • By Allen M
      Hello I live in Las Vegas anybody have suggestions where I can go. I have a equinox 800 and I believe I have problems with it. Have not found any gold and getting frustrated with very little help from Minelab. Need ground I can test it out on tkk on se if there is a problem with it. 
      any help would be appreciated 
    • By phrunt
      It was election day in NZ yesterday and it was already well known we were going to have a landslide victory to the current government due to their Covid handling more than anything, it was the Covid election rather than a political one so rather than staying home seeing that on TV all day I decided to go for an afternoon hunt.   Mitchel drove the other day 4 hours for one nugget, while I can't match that I was going to drive an hour for similar results only if I found a nugget it would likely be smaller than his 🙂
      I was going back to a place right near JW's house mainly because it's the shortest drive to a gold area from my house but we have both absolutely slammed it especially with it being only a few minutes drive from JW's house too.  This particular little area we've spent days on end at, many days.  We've both done well at it but the gold dried up, JW said he's done with the spot but I wanted to try one more thing before giving up on it, my 8" X-coil there.   I honestly didn't think I'd find anything but with only a few hours and even less if I drove off further it had to do.   I could explore other areas in the similar area but I wanted to try the coil at this spot where we'd both done well on the gold before. 
      My first target was one I knew was there, I'd hit the target many times in the past but never bothered to dig it knowing it was junk but my curiosity got the best of me so I dug it up.

      It was down deeper than I expected for such a booming target.

      It was a little old tin, a shame the miner that threw it out or lost it didn't have the gold stashed in it 😞
      I was detecting around for an hour or so with very little targets at all other than shotgun pellets that I was just ignoring with the double blip the GPZ does on close targets and if they disappeared in a scrape or so they were rejected for the next guy 😛
      I then had a really nice sounding rather faint signal, one that was pretty confident might be my first gold of the day.  I dug, and dug and got down quite deep and the target was now screaming so I went over to my bag and got my Nox to try narrow down where it was as the GPZ was roaring on it so I couldn't pinpoint it, I had a feeling at this point it wasn't gold as the signal was too good, if it was gold I was in the wrong country as it was too big 🙂
      The Nox was giving odd ID's, for such a big screaming target it was favoring the lower ID numbers between 1 and 10 or so, I was a bit confused but narrowed it down to being a rock 😞
      What kind of rock would behave this way? I smashed it open and it had tiny little flakes in it that was sparkly like a silvery type colour.

      I put the Equinox down in the hole to try show how deep the rock was.  It didn't really work but it was deep.

      They didn't sparkle as much in the photo or on camera as in the sunlight.
      After that disappointment I was struggling with wanting to continue, I'd had that I'm giving up feeling thinking I wasn't going to get any gold and i got another faint signal quite close to that last signal, a couple of feet at most.  I thought here goes, it's another rock.

      I scraped away at the ground and the target moved.... here goes, a pellet.  I was a bit puzzled by that as I'd done this exact spot before with the GPZ and 10" and the Nox, even the Gold Bug 2 and Monster had been over this little area so was puzzled I'd missed a pellet.  It's right near where I found various nuggets weighting around 9 grams not too long ago and JW had also got another 2 or 3 grams from it too.  No target was left I thought, but I was wrong... maybe gold does grow back 🙂

      Maybe the little guy was on edge of something and fell over onto the flat or something, I have no idea. I was very surprised to find it.   This is my new scoop, I absolutely love it, I saw it was the one Steve used so figured I best try it out.  The flat base makes life so much easier recovering tiny targets getting them close to the coil, and it has sharpened edges for scraping which is very handy, much better than the round traditional scoops people use.  The little gold riffles I thought was a bit of a gimmick but they do really work.

      I found a big spider too, you don't see many big spiders in NZ and none are harmful except a small colony of Aussie Red backs that were accidentally introduced into a small area in the same region, they haven't spread though and are isolated to one spot.  I still jump a bit when a spider comes out, especially a big one after spending most of my life in Australia where they all want to kill you. 🙂
      No more gold for the afternoon so time to head home, it was starting to rain a bit anyway.

      So my little nugget, it was 0.058 of a gram until I cleaned it, should have left it dirty 🙂
      The other good news, my WM12 has started working, I was having a lot of trouble with it on previous trips with the audio constantly dropping out, this time it was fine, no idea why or how, different location so maybe it was some weird interference at the other spot that kept making it play up even on multiple days.  It dropped out a few times but in normal scenarios you would expect it to drop.   This time I was using the WM12 with my SP01 as I'd rigged up my harness how I liked it, it meant I ran the GPZ volume on 4 and let the booster do al the work previously when using the GPZ here I'd just run the WM12 with no extra speaker or SP01.  I really think a low GPZ volume with the booster doing the work makes faint targets stand out more, the GPZ appears to run smoother.
      So nothing too exciting from my afternoon hunt except the weird rock!
    • By calabash digger
      How does the new Apex stack up to the Minelab 6 inch coil????
    • By Xergix
      I don't know which site these photos were taken from, I don't know if you have already seen them, I must say Ukrainian technicians are really good at modifying metal detectors, but my question is : why ML didn't think of such a thing ?
      Single keyboard for all commands, no mechanical keys that can break easily, all  reach of your thumb finger, simple!

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