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I have met a lot of other hunters and they are often lurkers on forums.  I like to think most of them are trying to learn more about their machine or the hobby.  Hope I am not being too naive. 

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Interesting posts. Most every person into detecting I know has secret honey holes they hunt and everyone of them lie about what they find. I lie as well.  I have never told anyone about my best find or where I found it.

I also find it interesting so many members don't list their location on the profiles.  As far as finds never being recorded or shown on forums I do agree to an extent.  

I still enjoy the forums.  I got my knowledge base from forums. I also learn how much I know by how little some know about their detectors.

Almost every setting I use on the Equinox I got from this forum. Some I tried here I didn't like. I removed my firmware update because I didn't like it. 

 I am not into joining a detecting club. I enjoy hunting with one or two people but I not into organized hunts. 

I don't lie about where I hunt and I enjoy talking about detecting to others and always willing to share info. I have no secret honey holes anymore because I hunted them hard enough I don't want to waste the time coming up with little or nothing. 

I did quit bragging about the Equinox and praise the AT Pro guys. I do remember about 5 yrs ago a guy had both the CTX 3030 and  the E-Trac and he told me you don't want to waste your money on either of these. I now know why he wanted me to stick with my AT Pro 

I think the influx of people into detecting is starting to wane. The tv shows were probably responsible for 1000's getting into detecting and many I know that got into detecting was from a son or daughter wanting a detector to find riches. I never did like the TV shows about detecting because to me they had special permissions none of us would ever get. It was almost like watching a seeded hunt. 

There will always be those few that don't respect public or private lands to hunt on that give the rest of us a bad name. 

Many guys that use forums are long time users and have good info to share. The newbies come and go and so many try to promote U-Tube sites they have. Over the years I have read almost every post and reply by what I consider the most knowledgeable guys into detecting. They understand the science of the detectors and I learn so much from them. 



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The only proactive thing I have done to protect the anonymity of a site is to make sure I do not post any geotagged photos of my finds, especially if they are taken in situ, especially if it is a secondary permission that I have been invited to.  Otherwise, I love talking about what I've found and sharing it with others.  That's part of the fun.

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