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GPZ 7000 Scores 4 in The One Hole *Update*

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Been working some old Chinese mullock heaps.

A first for me yesterday was four small nuggets in the same hole along with 3 tiny bits of wire .

My first target was a 0.8 gram nugget which I was fairly happy about except it had the craziest signal. On rechecking the hole I at first thought my GPZ 7000 was playing up cant even describe what I was hearing.

So after a restart I quickly realized there was a lot more going on down in that hole.

Picture below shows the .8 sorry don't recall which the other 3 where.

Also happy to report the Coilcover patch up worked a treat.( picture taken before sanding )




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Beautiful, good job!

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Yeah thanks Steve. I should have made that a bit clearer


Went back as I was curious all night thinking about that hole and ran the 7000 over the same spot pulling out another 5 bits. So absolutely trounced my old record of 2 in the same hole a while back.. I'll take 9 nuggets in one hole anytime

Half an ounce so far this trip ( not all from the above ) what will tomorrow bring >grin<

Also great to catch up with a couple of good friends. I gave my GPZ 7000 to them for the better part of the day while I went out Roo shooting. Think they had a great time. I know I did smile :) there's something very primeval about having a high quality boom stick in your hands with a scope that makes you feel one foot away

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