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    • By safspir
      So, retiring soon and have held a claim in Rye Patch for several years.  Live in Wa State and am interested in possibly partnering with someone in the area to co-explorer the claim.  Any interest?
    • By Dig It
      Still to hot for you boys ???? Lol !!!!!!

    • By kac
      I swapped out my Nel Big coil on my AT Pro and put the stock coil on and just for kicks I did a quick air test to see if there was any difference and I found that the targets now hit 15-20% further away ie dime at 10 inch instead of 8.
      For those that don't have Garrett machines and a 3rd party coil, the procedure when changing coil Garrett says to do a factory reset of the machine.
      So if anyone knows, does using a large coil setting on a stock coil essentially do a tx boost?
      Do other machines require factory reset after changing coils?
    • By mn90403
      I began this Rye Patch trip on Thursday morning about 2 AM.  It was time to go meet Dig It and see how he was doing there.  This time it was a normal trip without the burning satellite re-entry I saw on one trip before.  I was treated with a full moon on my way up 395, 6, 95 and I80.
      We met up without a problem and I headed out to places where I wanted to look and some places where I had found nuggets in the past.  I'd say at least half of my trips to Rye Patch get me on a nugget and the other half don't.  This is my first trip up here since Australia so I'm wondering what I gained from all that swinging.  Anyway, it was good to meet up with Ken, have a chat about his escapades and try to help him understand what little I know about Rye Patch.
      We parted and I expected to see him again the next day.  I have a bit of an open schedule and he warned me that it was going to be warmer than we planned.  I went on to near the burn barrel and spent one of those glorious nights of sleep I get after doing an all nighter.  I had no sleep the previous night and I can stretch out in the 4Runner and enjoy a night of no city or neighbor noise!  Planes are constantly landing at LAX and if they are from Asia they fly over Santa Monica.  No planes at Rye Patch.  haha
      I went to bed at dark, watching the sunset out the front and watching the moon rise in the back!  I captured the sunrise the next morning.

      Rye Patch is full.  I've been here many times when all of that area was dry.  It was a nice, clear, cool morning.  Time to get going.
      I headed in a direction to take advantage of the morning.

      Before I got to my spot I had my first target of the day.

      I dug around and in the early light with my sunglasses on and dirt on the target I thought it was lead.  There's lots of trash in the area as I found out later.  I looked and looked and finally gave it a mouth wash and I saw the color!  Yeeee haaaa ... a nice nugget.

      I've cleaned it up by soaking it in vinegar.  I don't know the weight yet.  I'll edit this post when I find out.  I think it is my best Rye Patch nugget. 

      Lucky Friday the 13th full moon nugget.  I gridded that area for half the day and only found trash.  I don't think I would have that nugget now if it had been in the reverse order.  I found the clue early and gridded.  If I would have found trash, trash, trash without a clue I probably would have moved on.  I discovered a couple of things while looking for more in that area but they will be put into another post.
      It is my only nugget of the 3 days so far but I'm seeing some new to me patches.  More travel tomorrow while the temperature is up.
    • By NV AU Hunter
      New to group here and just got a GPX-5000 and spent a few hours yesterday playing with different settings and breaking it in at the Rye Patch. Any suggestions on best settings for Rye Patch ( I used Sen Extra w/ 11" mono, slow and quiet with gain of 12, know of any other areas closer to Reno to nugget hunt then Rye Patch? I tried Gold Canyon in Dayton NV today but that place was filled with trash (I was mainly in the lower section).
    • By 1515Art
      My wife and I talk occasionally of leaving California for pastures more green or gold or even desert grey as the case may be and decided to do it this time instead of just talking about it.The decision did have an unpleasant catalyst of sorts to push us over the edge a surprise letter from the county assessor letting me know that a mistake in the valuation of my home was not in my favor (depending on how you look at it) and the result was around a 1200 percent increase in my assessed valuation and a tax bill for 2 years due in two installments that made me feel a little sick at first, now that I've had a little time to adjust and have a contract from a buyer on a piece of property I own Im all over the shock and am really looking forward to living a lot closer to what i hope are some decent hunting grounds a lot closer to me then it was living in the south San Francisco bay area. Only thing is after hunting nuggets since the zed came out I've got a nice little database of places I like to hunt and ill sort of be starting over except my skills should be slightly better than when I first started doing the beep, beep beep. Im looking forward to joining some of the local clubs and having the opportunity to get in some decent day hunts something just a little to distant for me right now and ive also wanted to check out some claims I have access to in Arizona, and haven't because they are just to far away now. Be fun to have a real chance to find a little space debris too, a bucket list item for sure id like to check of in my book.
      Ive always thought northern Nevada would be my choice but seems my wife wants the big city life and Las Vegas is her preference so I guess Im now in love with the idea of being a Las Vegas area resident if I know what's good for me, LOL. actually anyplace I can find some decent nugget hunting will work fine and wow the housing market in the Las Vegas area is something to behold coming from the California Bay area so that's a giant plus and the tax advantages are huge with no state income tax and lower property taxes.
      Its going to be HOT 4 month out of the year and I figure that'll be mostly indoor air conditioned time, but who knows there may be days I can tough it out and any advice from those been there is much appreciated as to this point I've only been a short term visitor and I know some adjusting will happen, in fact i was just reading a thread on the brown recluse spider that's not something here in the Bay area in California to worry about, they seem more a problem than the Black Widow I'm familiar with.
      If you lived there and hated it I like to know and the same if you loved it the coordinates of your favorite patches and placers would also be very helpful... 😎
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