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Steve Herschbach

Garrett AT Pro Now Being Offered With 5"x8" Coil

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Now through March 31st you can buy the Garrett AT Pro with the smaller 5" x 8" DD coil instead of the normal stock 8.5" x 11" coil. The package is also at a lower price of $488 of course... and you get a free hat! While this is being billed as a holiday special the fact that it runs through March 31, 2019 means there is plenty of time to take advantage of this package deal.


Garrett AT Pro Sport Special


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That 5X8 DD coil should be one hot coil. I’ve yet to find a detector that can take one coil and do everything. I think it’s great when a company comes out with something and got the coils to back it up.

 I think it’s good for the customer and great for the detector company when they offer more than just the one that comes with the detector.

 My hat 🎩 is off to you Garrett!




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I bought this package with a good discount.   Quite happy with it.

One thing to note that it doesn't come with headphones so you either have to purchase the Garrett Headphones separately or purchase the headphone adapter to use your own headphones with it.

In my case I also bought the adapter.



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They are well built machines.  I really liked mine.  The audio is super nice.

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    • By Nolan-GA
      I have had a Garrett ACE 250 for several years and just bought a very slightly used Garrett AT Pro a week ago.  A couple of times I did not get any sound when first turned on but after wiggling the coil cable it started giving tones again.  On occasion it has suddenly started chattering with almost no movement and I have done a reset and it corrected the problem.  My main issue right now is that if I bump the coil cable close to the connector I get a tone every time.  I have removed and re-inserted the connector twice making sure it is fully inserted but still get the tones.  I have made sure its not the connector itself.  I don't have another coil for the AT Pro to swap out.  I texted the previous owner to find out when he purchased it hoping it was less than the 24 month warranty that Garrett has.  Wondering how strict Garrett is on fixing issues like this or replacing a coil with a bad cable if I was not the original purchaser.  Any suggestions are appreciated. 
    • By mh9162013
      Are the Garrett AT series detectors (Pro, Gold and Max) that good? Based on youtube personalities, it looks like it. But after doing research on online message boards, it seems like they're "good, but there are other comparable or better options out there," a la the Equinox.
      How much of the prevalence of Garrett AT metal detectors on youtube is due to effective marketing and how much is due  the AT metal detectors being that good?
      I'm not intending to start a flame war or anything as I eventually plan on upgrading my machine and I'm considering the AT Max, Equinox 800 or Fisher F75.
    • By Trailryder42
      Hey all,
      As for the Garrett AT Pro, does anyone else not like the fact that the unit doesn't have a "tone only" mode? Find that it's a deal breaker for you?
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      Was looking at my AT Pro that I run with a big coil and trying to figure out if I could make a counter weight or not and looking under the armrest I discovered Garrett put a wire clip! After all these years I never noticed it. After giving up on the idea of a counter weight I hooked the headphone wire to the clip and discovered the wire had a nasty slice through it and was only held together by the copper shielding!
      Dug through my box of stuff I use for electronic repair I had a container of liquid electrical tape. Looks like I'm good to go. Close call as I plan to hit the beaches this weekend.
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