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Why Ya Gotta Dig It All With The Nox

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In case somebody has missed it:


Now that's impressive.. great work, thank you!




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Hi Sinclair,

Yeah I missed that one.

Thanks for posting! 👍 Very motivating.



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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Sorry for not being on DP much and giving love to you posters, but my travels have been many.
      Early last week I tried a new park and was able to get the usually handful of common clad coins.  Also was a fair amount of cheaper jewelry (I need to test the diamond ear ring) recovered.  With the amount of coins and jewelry I have a feeling there has to be a couple pieces of gold in the park.  It will take time, but I know I'll succeed at getting the Au.
      Photos of the cheap stuff...which means I am getting closer to the good.
      BTW, this was a 2 1/2 hr hunt.

    • By Againstmywill
      Finally had some time to get out. I hit a local football field for two days, about 2 hours each day. I was using the stock coil on the Equinox 800. It was in Park 1, 7 recovery, 50 tone, and ground balanced. The chain, found on day 2,  rang up a solid 17, much like many of the aluminum bits on the field. The clasp is iron, but the rest is .925. At first I thought it was junk because of some rusty looking areas on the chain, but when it was cleaned off at home, a smile came to my face. The first day I dug a hole with a solid 11. Out popped a junk earring. There was something else in the hole according to the pinpointer, so I kept at it. The second target was another earring with what appeared to be silver and maybe diamonds. I tested it at home, and my tester said they were diamonds. However, my local jeweler gave me the bad news that they were not. It was a silver earring though. 

    • By The Seeker
      I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the last week and it paid off.  I found one beach with some nice sand movement and I hunted there for five days.  I managed to dig 5 gold, a few silvers and $70.92 in clad. The diamond chips on the two rings are real and all rings are 14k. One of the 14k is plum gold and another is 14kpc (pc= platinum coated). Good luck out there and happy hunting.

    • By Cal
      This 14kt gold band was found with a whites Mx7 in the coin & jewelry mode, with 4 gain and 6x10 inch coil. This ring hit a solid 22. Wt. 4.1grams.
    • By kac
      Found this in my yard messing around with my detector. Never said it was valuable.

    • By kac
      Hit a park that used to be an estate then run by Nuns for many years then turned over to the town as a park. There is approx. 10 acres or so and most of it over grown so I figured I would hit some of the area that has been flattened down by the winter before it grows back in. Surprisingly there is tons of stuff there and doesn't seem to have been detected on. In just a few passes in a small area I found a really old remnants of a button with no marks, handful of pocket change, 18k gold earing .037oz and this old dime in pretty descent shape. New stuff dropped is probably from people sledding down the hill side.

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