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calabash digger

Tesoro Tejon Nokta Makro Anfibio

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I enjoy it, enough of this kumbaya stuff.

I hope others don't take actual debate about metal detectors personally, or we may as well not even be here. lol

Calabash, you're videos are literary the most useful reviews on the internet, don't' stress it, you're much appreciated.

I can't believe in 2018 you would still have to explain this stuff, but I suppose the world of metal detecting has experienced a mass awakening the last couple of years.

Tesoro is like a 1980s Fisher. It was cool in the day, but is no comparison to the last couple of good machines to hit the market.

Test gardens are much more useful then someone saying they can tell a gold ring 99% of the time, apparently that is what the guy said? lol where are his videos with piles of rings, forget rings why isn't he looking for nuggets, I mean come on, he can spot a ring that is only 40% gold 99% of the time the nuggets should be easy. 🙂

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1 hour ago, calabash digger said:

Head to head shootout of the 9 inch coils...Steve if this causes to much drama I understand.

No worries this is the place for "this versus that". A little drama is good for a forum where appropriate. And yeah, it's just detectors folks. Hardly worth getting your knickers in a bunch over. :smile:

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Hi Calabash Digger

I thought you did a great job in this video comparison. The Tejon is to me the most outdated design of all of the Tesoros. I never could figure out why I would want to discriminate any signal twice so I just kept the main disc knob on all metal and put the alternate one just above iron and used the toggle switch to change search modes when I was using one. The detector worked great like that, otherwise it was a mystery to me. The Anfibio is really something. Also, thanks for all the great XP Deus videos. They helped me to pull the trigger on a nice used one with the HF 9" coil. I'm really liking it so far. The tone modulation over different targets really does tell me a lot of information. 



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