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Steve Herschbach

Extra 10% Off Tesoro Detectors & Accessories

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Serious Detecting is offering an extra 10% off all Tesoro product in stock. With the uncertainty surrounding Tesoro there are likely deals to be had from dealers looking to clear stock, so shop around. I normally don't post stuff like this exactly but for anyone who has a Tesoro detector this may be a great time to get that new scuff cover you need or some other item... just in case supplies dry up. Serious has a pretty deep stock of accessory items.


Tesoro Flash Sale at Serious Detecting

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Might be like the Bigfoot if Tesoro actually does go away. Buy them all and sell for twice the price in a couple years....

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    • By Rob Allison
      Hey Chuck,
        Funny you mentioned the Tesoro Mojave.  A guy called me about 2 months ago looking for one of these units.  He said he uses it for gold prospecting in Western Australia of all places.  He said the Tesoro brand is very difficult to get over there and he went through several of these units, looking for another one.  Why he was using this unit for nugget shooting is another questions, but sounded like he was finding gold and was happy with it.  
      On another note about Tesoro, I sure wish they had they a good Tesoro that would run against at least the entry level PI's on the market today.  I honestly believe Tesoro has some of the best customer service in the World.  They also have a lifetime warranty on all their metal detectors. 
      I remember in the late 90's I had an original Tesoro Lobo go down.  I called Tesoro and they said bring it up today.  The guy said if I drove it up, he would look at it and repair while I waited.  During this visit to the Prescott facility I had the unit worked on, fixed and tuned up in just a few hours and during that time they toured me around the office and warehouse.  Some of the most friendliest people I have ever met.  I could only wish some of the other manufactures were in the same boat.  
      Jack Gifford was the owner and head engineer at Tesoro Metal Detectors in Prescott, AZ.  He also worked for Bounty Hunter & Fisher.  
      Just my two cents,
      Rob Allison
      Rob's Detector Sales
      New Tesoro Mojave Data Page
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Something new for you Tesoro fans finally. Tesoro has released a new model called the Tesoro Mojave. Tesoro website link. Interesting little machine, specs out like a deluxe Tesoro Compadre in my opinion (12 kHz, ED 180 discrimination) and for a list price of only $279.00 (discounted to $251 on the internet). The Compadre is a remarkably good little metal detector for its price but was always limited by a hard wired coil and one knob operation. For you Compadre fans this might take it to the next level. The Mojave uses Epsilon series 5 pin coils and so a large number of inexpensive coil options already exist.
      New Tesoro Mojave Data Page
      Operating Frequency 12 kHz Searchcoil Type Round, Concentric Searchcoil Size 7" diameter Searchcoil Family Epsilon Cable Length Approx. 3' Audio Frequency Approx. 630 Hz Audio Output 1 ½" speaker and headphone jack Headphone Compatibility ¼" stereo plug Weight (may vary slightly) 2.2 lbs Battery Requirement One 9 Volt DC (alkaline) Battery Life (typical) 15 to 18 hours Optimum Temp. Range 30° to 100° F Optimum Humidity 0 to 75% R.H. Operating Modes Silent Search Discriminate/ED 180 High/Low Ground Condition Selector Switch Stealthy Black Micro Housing and Hardware Fully Adjustable Sensitivity HIGH/LOW Ground Selector Fully Adjustable Tri-Colored Zone Discrimination Waterproof Coil Featherweight 2.2 pounds Fully Adjustable rods ¼" earphone jack External Speaker 9 Volt Battery for 15-18 hrs All Epsilon 5 Pin Coils Interchangeable Lifetime Warranty Tesoro Mojave Owners Manual (Very Slow Download)

      Tesoro Mojave metal detector

      Tesoro Mojave control panel

      Tesoro Mojave coil options
    • By Mike Hillis
      I like my little Compadre.    While it looks overly simplistic its actually a pretty decent metal detector with a full range disc circuit.   I bought it for my wife but then I modded it with a connector so I could switch out coils and now I run my Cleansweep coil on it.  I just set the disc to accept my lowest reading ring and go beep and dig with it.     Since I'm only hunting the top 5 inches of dirt or woodchips I don't need a manual ground balance and the sensitivity setting on mine is just right for my EMI and depth requirements.
      The 12 kHz operating frequency combined with the full range disc is plenty sensitive to the targets I'm after. 
      And if you like to tinker, its a cheap detector to mod with. 
      I like it and can recommend it to any and all.   

    • By Mike Hillis
      This is another of my favorites, the Golden Sabre II.    Whats really nice about this one is that it is a true analog audio and the tone break point really mix.   Sometimes that mix tone will make me shiver.......

    • By Vez
      Was recorded today, ignore time stamp 🙂
    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all this week i received my 5.75 tesoro concentric ,rare as a hens teeth.

      Anyway last nite i mounted my Lobo number 2 with that coil.Same set up as LOBO 1 full carbon straight shaft,light as a feather .

      So this morning i hit my test spot on the foreshore ,30 min later i had few signals medium and low but like in those videos of metal detector reactivity on you youtube were the machine act like a machine gun ,anyway i dug the 1st it was 50 cents of Euro(????????) then another one then another on then 1 euros etc etc etc i enlarge the hole and was moving dirt and 1 hour later i reached 41 euros.................dont ask me what they were doing there offering maybe some of them were at 25 cm deep.

      I may go back tomorrow with another spate and my lobo with DD that may help ,found also 23 p later a ww2 button and some scrap.Needless to say i was more surprised than excited i had to reduce the sensitivity to 10 as it blast deep unwanted stuff otherwise.Tesoro .........any Instagram account  or Twitter :)