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calabash digger

Tejon, Anfibio, And Equinox On Gold..

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Hi Calabash Digger,

Another really good video. The Equinox 800 is awesome. I absolutely love both of mine.

I could tell it was windy with traffic noise but I wish the Anfibio's volume could have been higher.

Just a couple of things on the Tejon.  Most experienced Tesoro users would let the nails have a little less discrimination so they could have more of a crackly sound. I think your discrimination was a bit too high. Also, why did you have the tone knob on the Tejon set at VCO? A low to mid tone might let you hear that iron popping sound you were talking about. I could barely hear the Tejon on the nails.

The way the detector market is today with machines like the 800 and the Anfibio, there is just no way your average detector shopper should have to pay more than $400 for a new Tejon.



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I think they rectified this issue on the UK version of the Tejon via third party modifications, mainly to offer an expanded iron range to prevent discriminating out low conductors.  Also has different GB controls including an option to switch it to a preset GB, differing GB range and stiffer knobs with o-rings to prevent accidental movement.  The mods were completed by Pentechnics, and it was known as the Tejon Pro.

Seems like the US version was setup from the factory to knock out foil targets at the expense of some gold targets for those chasing US coin denominations in modern trash (primarily for mid to high conductors), whilst the UK version has been improved to take into account for their thin hammered silver/gold coins and other low conductor targets in their typically iron infested ground.

If i had to nitpick, you do have to take into account that we are comparing a detector released in 2003 to much more advanced offerings from 2017/18, so you would expect there to be some deficiencies from an older platform, especially one that has never received any real upgrades during that period to revise any shortcomings.


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I get that it was really directed at the crowd who claim there are none better... I know its old tech but some of the faithful will argue you down that their as good or better than the new stuff. Figured I would try to refute that for them. I like to poke the bear sometimes...

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