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    • By Condor
      Tough sledding out here in WA.  We've put in a lot of miles exploring along the "line of strike" gold producing zone.  We generally start from old Drill Site roads or old pushes and do a 1/4 mile up and back grid along the likely areas.  The few we're finding are where weathering has exposed deeper ground on the old pushes, plus the Z 7000 can find tiny gold the original detectors missed.  They didn't miss much based on our return so far. 
      Our hearts were thumping yesterday when I got a deep low tone way down in the caprock.  Luckily Nurse Paul was nearby and brought over the jackhammer.  Paul put in a yeoman's effort on the hammer, Dennis and I traded off digging out the hole.  We waved over the hole with everything we had, GPX, GPZ and 2300, and with the exception of the 2300 it all sounded good, but it just never improved even after we were down over a foot.  Finally even the 2300 was giving us a signal and we gave up for the evening.  Paul went back this morning and finally pulled out some kind of hot rock, the story is much more detailed, but that's the jist.  No doubt Paul has his version of events.
      The weather has turned nasty, threatening rain and gusty winds.  Camp Yank took some damage from the wind, turned over the prep table for cooking.  Pots, pans, plates and everything associated got dumped into the dirt.  Paul cleaned it up considerably, but I think he left some soap on my dinner plate, cuz I'm feeling a bit puny this morning.  We have the gazebo anchored on each end with an ATV to keep it from blowing away.  
      Dennis gold photo is his cumulative, mine shows this weeks finds only.  It's just a matter of time till we hit a big one.
      Flies continue to be a menace, they just don't quit.  They're having a tough time today with these gusty winds, but they'll find a way.


    • By Joe76
      G'day everybody,
      Just thought I would start a thread on making your own gold maps to better your chances at striking it rich or at least finding a bit of gold. If this topic has already been done before please let me know & I'll remove it. I can't find anything specific on making your maps on the forum. So what are the things available for us to use in making custom gold maps?  Geological maps, topographical maps, books such as Ghost & gold series, Department of mining websites, google earth etc...there is plenty of resources that we can use.  I live in sunny north QLD Australia, so any info I can share with you will be based on what we have available in our QLD. Every state in Australia has its own mining department along with (rules and regulations) that differ from state to state. 
      Department of Mines & Energy in QLD is the website I use to gather a lot of information, so far it has paid out very well in some areas. In particular small isolated gold occurrences. I often look around the fringes of existing gold fields looking for potential gold locations especially along fault lines with historical gold workings. The more remote the area the better, as there are fewer chances of modern detectors having worked the area in recent years.
      To get the ball rolling I thought I would just post a couple of pics of areas I have researched & marked out where I've found gold & see where it leads us. 

    • By Condor
      We're still getting dialed in for the WA conditions.  In many places we can run the GPZ on High Yield, Difficult, with a Sens between 10 and 15.  We've hit some old patches that have been scraped, then trying to venture out around them to see if the patch might continue.  These places have been detected pretty well, all have dig holes scattered through them.  We've had some minor success, I hit a 3 gram piece right off the go, from there it's been nothing but tiddler scraps.  Surprisingly small pieces that Difficult mode sings out on them.  All very shallow though.
      The weather is crazy.  Cold mornings needing a hoodie, then warming up to weather more suitable for shorts.  We've seen a few 'roos and a couple Emus, other than that it's just flies and more flies. We've tried some cream they use for the horses, seems to last an hour or so then the  flies are back with a vengeance.  The quit just before sundown and don't come back till it starts to warm up in the morning.  Just part of the challenge.
      Our totals to date.  Dennis had a couple day headstart, but I'm trying to catch up.

    • By SteelPhase
      Most are aware of the goldfields of Western Australia and Victoria but there are more throughout Australia. NSW and QLD also have their fair share of gold and I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days up in NSW with some friends.
      We only managed a few days detecting ( I still had to squeeze in some business commitments as well as some well needed down time) but I still came away with just under 1/2 an oz.
      It's beautiful country and well worth a visit if you get a chance.

    • By davsgold
      The first 5 days detecting in WA, out from Kalgoorlie, I used the 12" X-Coil on the 7000 and Veronica use the 2300, we managed a total of 47.5 grams fro the 5 days.
      7000 with the 12"X-Coil 28 grams and 19.5 for the 2300 and quite a few were small nuggets in big bits of quartz.
      and a drone picture of the camp site
      cheers dave

    • By AussieDigs
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