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V5.2 Adjusting Reactivity And Monitoring Silencer Using Module

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I have been experimenting with adjusting reactivity using wireless module only using version 5.2.  Some folks may not be aware version 5.2 allows for reactivity setting using wireless module.  As far as I can tell it does NOT allow silencer adjustment per se.  I have a video in the works and it will be up sometime in near future explaining.

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Some follow up here as far as the video and using Module for running Deus.

There will be some situations where say a Deus lite user (module) only with coil and rod will not be able to get the depth of a Deus user having remote.

In milder soil, reactivity 1 silencer -1 can deliver some more depth.
So, a Deus lite user would have to have an original slotted program to use here, program seems doesn’t exist.
If I use deep mode and try to cycle to reactivity level 1, silencer will automatically go to silencer level 3,  hence Deus could be more depth limited vs using reactivity 1 silencer -1.

I made a comment in video that could be misunderstood.
ALL original factory programs as well as any programs a user makes and saves, silencer setting of -1 CAN indeed be achieved.  All a user has to do is advance the reactivity setting from levels 0,1,or 2 to any of the following silencer levels, 2.5, 3, 4or 5.
But these higher reactivity settings can be less deep.

A user CANNOT see their actual silencer setting when viewing module.

A person buying Deus lite package can indeed have a friend whom has Deus with remote to program their module/coil and have some programs a strictly Deus lite owner can never make using.

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