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My Tarsacci Mdt-8000 Commentary, Pics And Videos. Unit Received 12-15-2018

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This will be where I will post information.  I will try and answer any questions I can about detector.  Other folks who have experience with detector and wish to join in, by all means do so.

Should have detector today sometime.  Thought I would get this thread started to save time later.  I will only be using Tarsacci on turf, not salt water/sand application.

I may do some testing on freshwater beach due to lower minerals present.

For refererence  - Quick start guide


User Manual


Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews

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Received unit.
This is how it is packed.
Pics taken with iPad mini
Quality of pics could be lacking vs how this detector really looks here in the pics -fit and finish wise


Headphones and pig tail


Coil and coil cover


Control unit with upper and lower rods


Pic of back of control head


Charger box with batteries (2) inside


Charger and batteries




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Checked connecting both pigtail for headphones and coil connector.

Coil connector on control keyed on top, is more or less idiot proof for proper alignment.

Pigtail connector not as idiot proof.  Pigtail when properly keyed and screwed up will extend straight down beside handle.  See this pic, detector laying on its left side.


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Took my batteries 3 hours 10 minutes to charge fully.  I don’t know how charged they were prior to charging.

Here’s a real short video at night to show backlight.
Also I make some preliminary comments on tones of detector in video.


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Seems pretty good so far, looking forward to seeing your initial testing.  It's a shame they used EBL batteries.  I can bet they are not 5000 mAh like the battery says, they're famous for overstating their battery capacity.  Even made the battery Hall of Shame for it ?

I'm not a big fan of the rear mounting to the shaft of the coil, It's the reason I don't like the GBP's 11" coil and it's nowhere near as far back as that coil, maybe there is a balance reason for it but it just seems odd, I'm sure you'll be able to review why they've done it.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


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Some follow up info.
Seems my unit didn’t come with protective covering on screen.  Have already applied protective covering.  After installation viewing is nice.
Menu is very easy to navigate.
I can say this only after playing with for 20 minutes.
Hardest part of navigation will be when selecting black sand and salt.  Still very easy.
Coil bolt holds coil in place with little torque.

At turn on battery level voltage and serial number with software revision number comes in screen.  My unit has teens serial number and seems it has revision 1 software loaded.

This detector how it feels and handles is deemed “precision instrument” imo.  Haven’t run any unit that has the feel this unit does.  Not CTX, not Deus, not anything.
Very rigid yet light with exacting feedback as far as sweeping vs holding detector.  NO SLOP whatsoever.
Camlocks  are adjustable for how tight they clamp.  So with some use break in, some small adjustment  may be necessary.  Folks shouldn’t overdo how tight they adjust them for closure.

Tones, you saw in video where I said sounds similar to AKA Sorex and MFT detector units.  This is a good thing imo.  I have stated on this forum and elsewhere how much I liked the tones on those units.  This sound here though not in all modes.

More later.  Need to put more time on.

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Video showing some coins ID and 2 gold rings.


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How about the basics? Who makes it? Where is it made? What is the warranty? Where is it serviced?

Great report David!


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12 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

How about the basics? Who makes it? Where is it made? What is the warranty? Where is it serviced?

Don’t know the answers yet.  I will ask. And see.

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