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Victoria" Nice Dig! ?Ig


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Newer swingers can learn from this video.  Notice the pattern of the signal on the 1st nugget when compared to the sound of the 2nd target.  Some folks may not catch it at first and that is ok, but eventually you'll realize the up/down of the signal sound has a pattern that usually is indicative of gold nugget size and density of the piece.  Also seeing how he crosses the target from the sides to help pinpoint. I also like his digging tool.  Beefy is what helps dig in such hard ground and a longer handle.

Thanks for sharing.

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      And they use Equinoxes 🙂
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      This little thing actually kills it!
      My cousin and I have been using the pulse dive in salt water exclusively and although it has a small coil, the ability to swing this thing like mad hugely make up for that fact!
      So far I’ve found the design/ quality of the PulseDive to be very ideal for salt water hunting.  The machine simply beeps and buzzes in your hand, is easily audible  through the water and there is practically no maintenance other than just cleaning the rubber seal/gasket every now and then but there is no knobs, cables, headphones or anything that I can see deteriorating on this detector.
      Depth is definitely surprising when digging targets but still decent in air tests with a nickel/10c Aussie coin hitting at 4” air test and depending on minerals in the sand it’ll hit deeper 5-6” even due to its non-motion nature.
      Anyone who wants to try water detecting I highly recommend trying the PulseDive, the small size and lack of headphones make it ridiculously convenient and even stealthy if you want to be discrete or are a bit shy! 
      This isn’t really a review but just a quick mention of what I think is important to know about the machine 👍
      Here is the gold we’ve found on the last few outings 👊👊👊 

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      The next time you go prospecting or fishing just stay at home.
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