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Hello, everybody! My name is Bill Burke. I have been participating in a placer operation in the Melozitna district. With 5 members, sometimes it feels like the tail is wagging the dog. I'm still wet behind the ears, but seem to learn a thing or two each season. I want to learn about using a detector to evaluate overburden and tailings piles. It also seems to be a good idea to vacuum each cut with a suction dredge before turning it into the next settling pond. It's a good time of year to spend time on the internet. Bill


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Welcome to the forum Bill from Southern California.

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We make it through, lol! It’s tough but as they say, someone’s got to do it.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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      Hello, I have been beeping since the end of 2012. I come to learn and share what i can, i have found a little gold, some meteorites and coins. I enjoy hunting for all these things and even relics i have found some forks and other scrape from emigrants heading west. Thanks for having me here and i look forward to meeting and learning here!
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      Hello. I first detected back in early 80's with a Compass Relic Magnum 7. Got out of it and started back last year with a Tesoro Mojave.  Currently using 3 Tesoro's, F22 and At Pro. I mainly playground hunt but will do relic hunts occasionally. Have a Youtube channel with same name.
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      Hi everyone, I'm a new member, a newbie to metal detecting, and have been gold prospecting for many years, panning, exploring as a hobby.  I'm living in the desert now where streams are intermittent or nonexistent and want to learn more about desert prospecting methods.  Jay
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      Hello all, new to the forum, at least actively.  I live NE of Huntsville, AL and formerly lived in E. TN.  I mainly dig relics, but have enjoyed coin hunting as well.
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      Hi Everyone,
      New to M. D. but I have been interested for a long while. Have a new Equinox 800 that I need to break in... Background in rock hunting (as a kid with my Dad) and enjoy the outdoors.
      N. Rody
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      Hello from Bulgaria ! Here the grass is already higher than the shovels…That's why we're in the forums.
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