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    • By Mark Gillespie
      Had the great pleasure to chat with Jerry *** aka tinfoil.  For those who might not know this guy, back in the day, 20+ years ago he was one of the treasure hunters who wrote a lot on finding gold.  He wanted me to mention that he and Pat are doing good.  That he doesn't get to hunt anymore but remembers posting many years ago.  He says hi to Steve too.
    • By vanursepaul
      Back in LA after a side trip to Florida, Yuma, Mexico, and Alaska 😜
      Where you are you Mitch????
      im at the same place for awhile.
      Emailed Broken Arrow today...
      Checking on the weather, etc
      i need another ring this year!
    • By jim tn
      Been lurking here for a while, but finally decided to join.
      I started with this grand hobby in 1972 and have been an avid old coin hunter ever since. Mostly use Fisher detectors, but have others as well.
      HH jim tn
    • By Airtemisa
      Hi, this is from Bilbao, north Spain. 
      I've been reading all you since 1year, but I dont sign up till now. 
      Hope to learn and share a lot with you ;) 
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
          I have now been on here a few months, and am very much enjoying everyone's information and humor!
          First a disclaimer: I tend to use alot of exclamation points when i post, so don't think I'm yelling at any of you! I just like them more than periods!  Besides, Steve prohibits yell posting!
        I am a born and raised South Florida native, and 3+ year's retired!   I started detecting back when i was in high school!  And unfortunately stopped a few years later, when cars, girls, and life, took over!  I picked it up again in 2015, when my wife and kids were no longer taking over! (Yes; I'm still married)!  I'm all in on detecting now, even though i missed some good years! The only other forum i have followed and posted on before this, is "The Treasure Beaches Report"!  (Still read every day)!  And I'm just happy to be here;  learning from, and posting with, all of you! 🇺🇸
      My first detector, circa 1980 👍
      (still have it)👍👍

    • By asgo
      Hello everybody! My name is Sergey i am from Russia, Moscow. I am Authorized AKA modder and dealer. Please link where is AKA devices discuss.
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