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This GPZ 19 coil for the Minelab GPZ 7000 detector is in excellent condition, with only minor scrapes and scuffs. The detector was used with a Nugget Finder solid scuff cover / skid plate (included. an extra $45 value) the entire time, so the stock skid plate (also included) is still brand new. The coil is for sale for $999 shipped to locations in the United States. I accept PayPal (to verified addresses only) or U.S. Postal Money Orders. Again, the Nugget Finder scuff cover is also included.

Top view of coil

Bottom view without scuff cover

Bottom view with stock scuff cover

optional Nugget Finder scuff cover (included)

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Hey Steve out of curiosity what is the smallest piece you found and how deep with this coil?  Also, what is the deepest piece you found and how big?  I am in an area where there is a lot of overburden but I have always wondered if this extra big coil might help me find "deeper" bedrock and possibly undiscovered targets.

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My view on large coils is buy them for ground coverage first, and accept any extra depth as a bonus. See link below....


I normally would not be selling this coil but since I am selling my GPZ 7000 it will not do me much good without!

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      This GPZ 7000 was new in August 2017 and the transferable factory warranty is good until the end of July 2020 (over one year remaining factory warranty). This was my second GPZ replacing and has less than 100 hours on the unit. A screen saver was applied on the first day (still on the detector) and Docs covers used also so the unit has been very well protected. Except for the obvious wear on the bottom of the scuff cover the detectors looks nearly new. I never used the harness assembly, bungee, swing arm or headphones so those are all new in the box. The detector comes in the original box with all original accessories and documentation.
      The detector is for sale for $5499 shipped to locations in the United States. I accept PayPal (to verified addresses only), U.S. Postal Money Orders, or wired funds.

      The box

      What is in the box with the detector

      Side view

      Angle view

      Bottom view

      Top of coil

      Bottom of coil

      Bottom of skid plate / scuff cover

      LCD display with screen saver installed
    • By ColonelDan
      Brand new and still in the factory box. Comes with additional coil cover.

      $120 shipped to lower 48.

      PayPal Friends and Family

      contact: coloneldan@bellsouth.net
    • By Sourdough Moe
      Selling like new make me an offer my phone is+19075457787 I seen this book on Amazon for 1998.00
      sell mine for 200 obo I’ll be in Vegas next week
    • By Sourdough Moe
      Nugget finder evo 15  $350 used one trip
      NF Evo 14x9 $350 just used for testing
      NF Sadie 8x6 $200 brand new
      minlab commander 15x12 mono never used $180
      minelab commander 11 dd never used $100
      will consider offers and possible trades

    • By WesH
      I now have two coils forsale that I never use anymore.
       One is a Coiltek 14inch DD pro elite.  This coil sell new for $397.50.  I’m selling it for $225.00 
       Second coil is a Coiltek 12x24 elliptical mono.  I’m selling it for $175.00.
        SOLD. Third coil is a Minelab 8 inch round mono.  I’m selling it for $80.00
       I will cover shipping to the lower 48.

    • By dirtman
      If you see something you can use, or are interested in the WHOLE lot message me here , we'll work something out. 😎