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Hello Sanya,  you sure seem to know a lot about this Detector Board and I wish to talk with you some more about it. Because I want to match one of these detectors to a stock Tesoro or another manufactures coil but not sure on what to get. Have you got any more information on this detector and what can you tell me about it please. Other questions too like how to match the coil and set frequency would all help me, will I need a oscilloscope for this job? Thanks' again, L.L100781240_Tesorounderelbow.thumb.jpg.5b254fde7755e48a5a3c8147d0eb4cc2.jpg

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Did you ever get that board assembled? I saw some on e-bay assembled and tempted to put one together with some waterproof pots and Ultimate 13 coil.

If the boards do work I am really thinking of making a shallow water hunter and relic/coin hunter.

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Yes I do still have the board, do you want it? I will never be able to put that PCB together, I'm a mechanic and don't know anything about the thingy.  I only bought this to open up communication lines with the Russian dude on e-bay.  I ended up also buying his prototype and hooked it up to a 9"x6" DD Tesoro coil. I have tried to tune it in but still have some difficulty do so, not sure what's really going on with it. 

As you can see he has another populated board and the naked one going cheap I think and now he has that little doo-dad for the coil, what's that all about? I think I want one too what ever it does.

YES you can have it, send me your address and I'll put it in the mail for you. We here would all like to see what you do with it and when it's all going good maybe then you could look at mine, for a fee of course.

Oh the external penetrometers he uses are a little small and feel light to the touch I was going to change a couple of them mainly the GB with a 10 turn 1ohm pot.  

                                                                 Bye for now.   L.L.


MD coil adjuster.jpg

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The doo dad is to fine tune the coil to the board I believe. I was looking at getting one already assembled as to buy all the components I need might be cost prohibitive as there are minimum quantities. DigiKey is a good source but you can't just buy 1 or 2 pieces.

Pots, switches and knobs i found this supplier that seems to have the same knobs that tesoro used


I'm not an electrical engineer but can read schematics and handy with a soldering iron. I rewired and upgraded my little CO2 laser cutter/engraver with a digital signal processor and the machines a precision monster now.

I also did build a stud finder that i used for a pin pointer for a bit and yes even adjusting the pots on that was tricky. Really have to balance them out.

Curious what you want for the board?

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Kac you can have the board, free of charge, with no leans against or encumbrances,  I don't' know any thing about it or where to start or finish, I will post it in a envelope with some bubble plastic and apiece of rigid card for support and will even put on a brand new,            New Zealand stamp for you. Then after it is built you could show us all what you did with it and then and only then, maybe take a look at mine to see what's-up with it and to use it for a comparison if you have the time. 

This is the outfit I was going to use for electronics, they have free shipping on orders $50 US or over, with no minimum quantity. https://www.digikey.co.nz/products/en/potentiometers-variable-resistors/rotary-potentiometers-rheostats/84/page/1                                   I think they are here in N.Z. Land of the Long White Cloud. Aotearoa  The original meaning of Aotearoa is not known. The word can be broken up as: ao = cloud, dawn, daytime or world, tea = white, clear or bright and roa = long. It can also be broken up as Aotea = the name of one of the migratory waka that travelled to New Zealand, and roa = long.

The Doo-Dad can you by them completed? Do you know how it works and can you teach me how to use it? Is it any good? Where can I get one from? How do you put it on? and what else can it do? I'm curious.

We have another Detector Forum over here called Pay Dirt and one of our guy's Pikefish, is interested also in this type of system and he was thinking about building up a board but I think he will probably buy the populated board to start out with, for he doesn't want to source the pieces needed. He's also in the process of building a coil for this unit but is having problems with the warping of the larger base in his 3D printer. I think he needs a hotter warming pad. Maybe this thing might work with a Mash Heating Plate, they get pretty hot without 20Ltr of grog on top of it. Maybe come over and have a visit with us, so we can make fun of each other's accent. I joke. LOL.  

Talk with you later. L.L. &  B.G. (Bandido Girl).




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Mine gets over a foot on a mens gold ring in all metal at the beach. The black sand mode is really handy when the chatter gets out of hand altho it cuts depth in half. I never got any deeper than about 8 inches on coins even with Keith Southerns mod. It does great with audio modulation on certain things like washers and steel bottlecaps which make a high pitch ,VERY tight signal, vs coins that are more mellow. Great machine for water hunting but must be careful not to lift control box above the waist as water can drip down the cable and into the control box and short things out.Had it happen 3 times.


-Tom V., my LoboST is all beat up but I still use it anyway, will never part with it.Heck, better bury it with me when the time comes.

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Got to love the ST,  I don't use the bs-mode too often but was think about using some conformal coating on the board and switches before going back to the beach. I tried some on a RC boat receiver then drown it in a glass of water. It worked but only when you take it out again. I think the water shorts it out some, but it recuperates time over time it's going in. Conformal coating comes in spray and liquid form.  At the very least it will coat the board and repel the moisture and salt some. If you ever accidently drop it in the chuck.  "GOD for bid".    you might be able to just rinse it with fresh water and dry it out. Without causing to much corrosion.  What"s your thoughts on this stuff? 

           Bye LL.& BG (Bandido girl)


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Found my note from Keith Southern on LoboST Mods but I fergot which way to turn it tho, CW or CCW, and just  a hair at a time, not 1/4 turn !! It will chatter more and throw off the Discrimination...best mark the orignal position somehow for reference I am thinking....I heard Tesoro is out of business now so we are on our own 

I've read through my notes...

It's R33 Pot not R4......still the one right beside the coil connector..in the corner..

turn it just a tad at a time...it's tied in with disc.so keep in mind your disc dial will be off a bit for a nail...

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R33 Pot got ya, right! but which way again?   I did hear from others turning the pot is a bad idea but I got try the unknown . Now my biggest problem is where to get it fixed now that Tesoro's is gone. My Lobo ST needs someone, anyone at this stage to fix her up after an over voltage was applied to it. Anyone out there know how to fix a LOBO ST ? Please.

                                                                                                   Thanks' L.L.& B.G.

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