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I appreciate the offer but think I too will start off with a ready made board. The doo dad looks like how he can see the coils frequency on the computer using a sound card. That's pretty cool and be really handy on making your own coil. I thought it was just an adjustment done after, was wrong on that.

Printing large parts on FDM (Maker Bot style printer) is tricky. You are better off with SLS (selective laser sintering) as the parts are printed without stress and you can use a wider variety range of materials. If there is a printer service over there it might be just easier to send it to them. SLS is much more accurate of fits.

My thoughts is to gather all the parts and build my housing around it. I have some thoughts on the coil connection but want to use the ones that come with the original Tesoros rather than hard wire them in which makes it tricky to keep waterproof.

This will be a late winter project for me.  I just want a machine I can poke around the ponds and streams and when we have iffy weather.

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11 hours ago, Lobo Lover said:

R33 Pot got ya, right! but which way again?   I did hear from others turning the pot is a bad idea but I got try the unknown .

Make sure to mark the location of the pot before you turn it.  This messed up Phrunt when he bought a used Teknetics T2 that had a similar 'adjustment' -- the seller had not recorded the original position.  I would use a scriber myself rather than a marker -- more precise and won't wash off or fade.

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Hello Kac,

                  Here's a build for you, comes with all the electronic components and was designed for the beach. I think this a Whites design the Surf Master.  Might be P.I. (pulse induction)thought not sure.

                                                                                                                 Bye L.L. & B.G.


Surf board.jpg

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Got 2 loves them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Got a pi already, love it but not enough hours on it yet. Snagged a Garrett Seahunter mk2 last spring and only put maybe 20 hours on it tops as the summer here I am 15 min from the beach but 3 hours with traffic.... parking is insane and people too obnoxious so waiting for things to cool down. Wish i could find a Vequero board that would be nice for a fresh water hunter but seems to be only the lobo which is also good. I do prefer manual gb but could live with out it.

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I have  a demo Makro Gold Kruzer on its way to try out, fully waterproof and was told warranty will transfer.

I will keep my Lobo and request it be buried with me....then the archaelogists in year 3000 can see what tech we had in the dark ages.

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And then when they discover your remains, they will be.  " All Dials Smiles". man.electric-smiley.thumb.jpg.8b1108cdce86a570061f3ed4b629eaff.jpg

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Hi there,

I assembled the board, placed it in a casing have an original Tesoro Lobo Coil, used a carbon monopod as rod and a grip from an angular grinder. 

The problem I have is is there a description on how to fine-tune the pots etc.?

It works, but detect coins and my white-gold ring at only 5-10cm distance trough air... In some description I have from the original Lobo it should detect these things at about 12 inches (30 cm).. Anyone who knows where to start and what the procedure is?

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