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When Does New GPZ Gold Metal Detector Come Out?

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I am new here. Want to buy a GPZ 7000, but also want to wait until the next model of GPZ technology coming out. It would feel horrible to buy GPZ 7000, and new model come out in half a year. 

So does anyone know or hear anything about when new GPZ metal detector will come out?

Thanks a great deal.

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Hi longhn,

Welcome to the forum. 

We all know where you are coming from.  Buying something that is then superseded 6 months later leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

But, you could almost guarantee that you won't know when it is coming out until the day it is officially announced.  Very few people knew what the Equinox was going to be except Minelab and the testers.  And the testers (like the forum owner Steve) are bound by no-talk clauses until release date.

I would love to know when the GPZ 8000 is coming out (or if there ever will be one in the next 10 years).  The 1 thing that makes me confident about the GPZ 7000 being around for another 6-7 years in its current format is the ability for it to be updated - just like a smart phone.   It took 25 years for something different from PI to evolve, maybe it will take another 25 for something better than ZVT.  But then again, electronics are evolving very rapidly now.

If there was to be a change my guess would be that Minelab might try and simply put the current electronics in a lighter housing.  Everybody loves the 7000's abilities but the weight is a killer for many. 

If you think that you are going to be able to get value for money use out of a GPZ 7000 now, then probably go for it...and cross your fingers it's not superseded  ?

Steve has one for sale on the forum right now that is less than a year old!!


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Hi Northeast,

Thank you so much for your reply. I read a lot of Steve and others' posts. GPZ's ability is great; but, it has its own bugs such as alkaline, wet ground,... etc beside being heavy. After 3 years testing in fields by prospectors around the world, issues emerge. Minelab absolutely and already learns from it. 3 years is not a short cycle time for an innovative company like Minelab. Sale for 7000 should have dropped almost a year ago when people were asking if new version of GPZ will come out soon. Many responses excited in a few days and that's all. Thinking like you and me, we can guess 7000 is not selling hot anymore. Example: Look into the ebay, a 7000 almost like new to be sold for 6999, and it has been there for a while; and, so maybe Steve's.

7000 has no big competitor; on the other hand, it has many smaller competitors from Turkey, French, and of course US with evolving electronics. With competitive industry, if one doesn't get ahead, it falls behind.

Steve sold his GPX5000 for GPZ7000. Now he is selling his GPZ7000. Read between the lines, if that new GPZ X000 comes out, price of 7000 drops fast. Not selling it now, then when??? Just my two cents for this analysis (Sorry Steve, I try to pick your brain!, and it may not be true at all)

The problem for me though, is that i have exclusive access to a land in mother lode. Outside of its perimeters, old gold mines are just everywhere within 100 ft. I have gut feeling that this land has serious gold; but have no mean to prospect it yet. For this area, gold is not in shallow. I need some good MD to punch thru the top layer of earth. GPX is good; but why GPX if there is GPZ. 

In gold prospecting, I am a new kid in town and have so much to learn. You have any suggestion for me. Anyone???

Thanks you so much.

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Welcome to the forum!

I am not selling my GPZ due to any advance knowledge of any new detectors coming out. Anyone making a decision based on what I am doing is misleading themselves. I have no idea when an updated version of the GPZ may appear.

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Worrying about buying because there may be a newer model is not sane...there will always be a newer model at some point; no one can predict the time. Kind of like not buying a television because there may be a new model...

Steve swore a "sacred oath" that he has no knowledge of a newer model...do you want blood too? (Just teasing, Steve)

Any PI will find detectable gold, it is the operator and the location that matters...I suggest you buy a used Minelab Pi and get some experience, then you can decide if you want to get into the deep water.


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The question is how much are you willing to spend for this new dectector and how long are you willing to wait?  The GPZ 7000, when it first became available topped the scales at $10,000.  When and if this newer machine comes out, it will no doubt cost more! 

Also,  are you willing to possible wait years for this new technology and leave gold in the ground for someone else to find?  

I suggest spending as little money as possible, go with a vlf, cause if the oldtimers were there, i have no doubt there will be metal trash everywhere and it will drive you crazy being a newbie.  Its always best to find gold first on this exclusive land and then match the detector to the environment.

Good Luck,


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 The 7000 is great for cleanup on established patches of gold, but is overkill for prospecting imo,  especially if you're hunting shallow bedrock areas.

Most the slug gold on a new patch of ground can be found with a 5000 unless your dealing with crystalline, low conductive, small types of gold..





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The just-under-two-ounce piece that I found could have been found with a Radio Shack detector..

Don't wait for the new detector to come out - get one now and maybe when the new one comes out you'll have found enough to pay for it. 

We all face this choice at one time or another. But in my opinion, get one now...A used 5000 is an amazing detector. Obviously so is a used 7000. I never understand what waiting does except to miss opportunities for finds that exist right now.

Best of luck with your decision,


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34 minutes ago, flakmagnet said:

The just-under-two-ounce piece that I found could have been found with a Radio Shack detector..

The problem I'm having is the just under two-ounce pieces that could have been found with a Radio Shack detector have been found already so you need a much better detector to find anything ?

Something Nevada Bring said makes a lot of sense to me.

Nevada Brian "I suggest spending as little money as possible, go with a vlf, cause if the oldtimers were there, i have no doubt there will be metal trash everywhere and it will drive you crazy being a newbie.  Its always best to find gold first on this exclusive land and then match the detector to the environment."

I've found far more gold with my VLF's than my GPX but that doesn't mean they're better, it means I'm more confident using them and use them more.  I've seen my GPX's shortfalls (mostly EMI and missing very small gold) and wish I had a GPZ, however I can't justify the price as i'd have to swing it very regularly for a few years to cover its cost.   The trash in old mining areas can drive me absolutely nuts on my GPX which is why I am often diving for my VLFs.  But then the shotgun pellets in some areas can drive me absolutely nuts then I'm running to grab my GPX.

I can get the same enjoyment using my GPX or VLF's so when it comes down to it I'm not trying to make money out of the hobby, I also don't want to lose masses of money from the hobby, more so than I already have :biggrin:.  I'm trying to enjoy the hobby and I can enjoy it as much with a $800 detector as I can a $10,000 detector.

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Some great advice above. 

And on unproven ground a pan, a shovel and a tub of water may be your best value option  ?

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      U.S. dealers are including the 19” coil free with GPZ 7000 purchases for a limited time. I’m not sure if this is being offered in Australia.

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      I have ordered a new size X-coil, it's a 12x8" X-Coil,  It's already in the post however it's delayed in shipping due to international shipping delays the world over.  Hopefully this coil arrives soon. I am very excited about it as I think it will be the perfect size for NZ.
      It's even in NZ's black and white colours.

      This should be good in our rocky terrain on small gold.
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       Being a "tight wad" by nature I have tried numerous times to repair a broken lower shaft using glues, epoxies, tape, splints and every flavor of bubble gum you can imagine. Nothing worked. I finally came up with the idea of totally replacing the lower end of the shaft and it work splendidly.
       This was made from an inch and a quarter by 1 inch pvc plastic pipe tee, a fine toothed saw, a drill, a round file, a sander, a heat gun and a bit of good epoxy. 
      This repair has held up for a couple of dozen trips and survived the icy conditions of early spring detecting, which is when my big feet are at their worst. If anyone is interested I will post instructions

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      Why oh why does the WM12 take such an unusually long time to recharge when the GPZ battery charges in a couple of hours, and other electronic equipment charges in (much) less time than that? I am not actually complaining but I am very curious why this is so.
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      Today I took a short beach swing and didn't find much but it was good to just get out in a sea breeze if you know what I mean.  I used the Equinox 800.  About midway through my 2+ hours I checked my settings and noticed I had recovery speed on 5.  I changed it to 6 and then the thought came to my mind, "What would I do or could I do with the Zed to immulate changing the recovery speed?"
      I've used the 800 in many different settings so far but mostly the beach.  I've seen the videos of nails next to good targets.
      How do YOU tease the good targets out of trash like the 800?
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      JW contacted me in the morning saying he's got the day off work so if I wanted to go for a detect jump in my car and head on over to his place.  This is always a hell yes from me, the world would have to be ending to stop me.... oh uhm... whoops 🙂 maybe more than the world ending.
      We were going back to the exact same spot we were at the previous mission so figured I'd either use the 15x10" X-coil or the 10" X-coil, but because the area is very rocky I went with the 10", you need as small of a coil as possible for this terrain.

      The 10" can get into some pretty tight spaces.  Gold here would be missed with any bigger of a coil.
      JW noticed our Davsgold picks looked a little different, this is odd as we both have the same pick so we compared them

      The years of wear on JW's pick is pretty evident, his pick has gone through hell smashing up schist for years 🙂 He needs to give it a sharpen, the sharp point on mine is very handy. 
      I've also upgraded the magnet I had on my pick, it's been excellent.  I drilled out a 30mm deep by 20mm round hole in my pick and dropped the strongest magnet I could buy into it with the same dimensions.   Now not only is the base of my pick magnetic, the sides are too, it sucks up ferrous junk like mad.  I'm very happy with it.

      I can move the black sand around on it 🙂
      JW was back detecting his highly productive cliff edge armed with his hammer and screwdriver, so I figured I'd go back and check around where I was the other day.
      It wasn't long and I had a very faint signal, a few scrapes and the signal improved.  The bedrock in this spot is about 4 to 9 inches down.  It turned out to be quite a nice bit of gold down in the bedrock that required breaking up some bedrock to get to it.  For the first time I managed to record a good part of the find on video as I was so confident it was going to be gold.  I've wanted to capture a find on video for a long time.
      Here is a photo of the spot I got it, it was actually quite deep, and the gold was on edge, it's a very skinny bit.

      My biggest of the day.
      I spent the next hour or so checking the area slowly.  Plenty of pellets but nothing else.
      I moved back down towards the little gully JW was detecting and on the path we bike in I had a signal, I'd done this path bit the other day with the Nox, I'd spent an hour or two on this small area with it but I missed this piece, maybe just too deep for the Nox.

      Down through the gravels to the bedrock again.

      Almost like a little ball 🙂  This round gold is common in this spot, JW's been getting a lot of it.
      I then realized I forgot to balance to my ferrite ring, seeing I'd gone from the 12" to the 10" X-coil I thought I may as well do it.
      Again I don't know if I am balanced to it being new to the GPZ but I did the procedure and the noise of the ring all but disappeared after a couple of sweeps over it.
      The day was getting pretty exciting, I was hoping for a 3rd but for the next few hours I got nothing but pellets... I had a break and drink and watched JW for a while, I usually learn a few things doing this and I was able to see his coil control is far better than mine, he drives that thing around keeping it so close to the ground hugging the rocks while checking the bedrock cracks.

      The cracks in the bedrock like in this photo can contain gold, but you have to check the entire rock as the gold has proven it can be anywhere in the rock in healed over cracks.
      As the day was coming to an end I went over to a spot that chased JW away with the abundance of pellets there, they were everywhere!!!!
      It paid off though, my final nugget for the day

      This is up on a bedrock ledge, the ground is 10 to 15 feet below where this little ledge is

      and down deep in the gravels was a bit of gold........ and about 8 pellets 🙂

      The gold had a louder and more distinct signal than the pellets.  Another ball type bit.
      And now the weigh in.....
      My junk

      Not as bad as last time, I'd already done a lot of the cleaning of the area 😉

      Not too bad 🙂 I haven't had three in a while.  Almost worth celebrating with a beer at the pub

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