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Which Large Coil For Multi Kruzer?

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy an additional coil for my MK 14kHz to get some extra depth while in the field. I cannot decide between AF35 and KR40. Could you please advise which coil shall I purchase to add some depth for coin, jewellery and relic hunting and why?

I would really appreciate your answer!

Thank you in advance!


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Welcome to the forum!

Basically from my perspective it is a clearance and weight thing. You have to have fairly open ground for large coils.... I am assuming you have that.

If you have the strength to swing it, go for the KR40 15.5" x 14". Why? Maximum ground coverage and depth.

But it may be due to the weight that the AF35 is a better choice. That part only you can answer.

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Ive only used the stock and 5x9.5 coils on mine so far.  They go deep enough for my needs and I tend to hunt more wooded areas. Think my next purchase will be the 5”dd or 7” concentric   

There are a few anfibio vids on YouTube using the KR35(13”) and it looks pretty effective.  The KR40 looks like it may be pushing it as far as being unwieldy.  

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There's also the 11' round DD coil from the Anfibio that will work on the MMK. Gets more depth than the standard 7.5" X 11" MMK coil. 

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I have swung the 15.5" x 13" on the Gold racer and the 15.5" x 14" on the Impact...

Makro Gold Racer with 15.5" x 13" DD coil

Nokta Impact with 15.5" x 14" coil

Just to note I am used to swinging heavy detectors all day. The large coil on the Gold Racer is obviously quite nose heavy but not as bad as anticipated. The version of the coil for the Gold Racer only weighs 1 lb 10.8 oz. Still, larger than most people want to swing on a detector this light.

The 15.5" x 14" coil is a little heavier at 1 lb 13 oz but on the Impact actually feels better due to the machine being better balanced with a large coil. This is because on the large battery box acting as a counterweight. I liked the feel of the large coil much better on the Impact.

The Multi Kruzer being an S rod design like the Gold Racer probably makes the 13" coil the better choice unless you have really strong arms. The larger coil fares better on the Impact and I assume Anfibio due to a better balanced design.

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      Something I've been wanting to do for a while now..I got another x ray  generator couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out on my DR System.. Heres most but not all of the coils I have. 
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      Whilst retrieving a nugget, the Zs threshold disappeared, I found the machine had turned itself off. I took the battery off and put it back, restarted the Z and no further troubles. Whether this was caused by a bad battery conx, or is related to the X coil I don`t know. I have never experienced an unexplained turn off before, thus will be keeping a eye on this should it occur again, I was using my sons Z as mine has the 12"X on it, back in the ute.
      Am I impressed with the 10" X coil, I sure am, it is a top addition to my coil armoury, will see much use amongst rock and narrow gullies where the larger coils will not go, although I do prefer the 15" X which has replaced the ML14 as my go to coil on the Z, I love nothing better then new patch hunting, just haven`t the patience for the clean up of patches, although they are there for the days my legs can`t do the yards.
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      Have now got many hours of swinging, but I still am getting surprised at their performance, they`ve both put some weight in the pocket. Stability does not suffer at all from swinging against rocks or grass and importantly they are an advancement on the 2 ML coils in their depth and sensitivity capabilities. They have nice flat areas on top for pushing soil around with finger to isolate nugget. Also surprisingly they act a wee like mono coils (they aren`t) in that you can push any side, front or back vertically into hole or dug out soil to centre and retrieve the nugget which helps a lot in time it takes to retrieve signal. I`ve found I am using them both in normal much like I found one could with the ML19 but not so with the ML 14" which I found I had to use in difficult most the time on the ground conditions in my area.
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      Dave took 5 hrs out of his prospecting day to meet me and check my coil and Patch Lead.  It turns out the Patch Lead was faulty, Minelab Chip probably fried.  After talking with Dave, I probably used too much heat on the soldering iron and damaged the chip.  My philosophy of more power, faster results may have been misguided.  
      Fortunately, I didn't sacrifice a $900.00 coil since I had already sacrificed the coil when I inadvertently drug it behind the Rokon for several miles.  So,  I sent my working coil off to have it professionally done for a new Patch Lead.  More delays, but a cautionary note to all considering this route.
      Some interesting insight from Dave that might be helpful for those waiting for more testing.  Dave has a years worth of Anecdotal Evidence on the effectiveness of these X-Coils.  He shared some of his observations and it's quite impressive.  He's more than satisfied with the results but has no interest in engaging in internet claims, debate or justification.  The demand exceeds supply already.  
      The coils are now available in the US, drop shipped from Russia and he's set up to accept PayPal.  They're produced in small batches, so a wait list is already starting.  
      I believe Jasong is due to receive his coils soon, if he has not already.  I look forward to hearing what Jasong has to say after his own testing and observations.  
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      We have had one here for a month now and have been unable to use it 🤷‍♂️.  Tried the patch cable made by Steve first, zed says coil not connected 🤔, checked points with a multimeter all seemed correct.  Decided there had to be something wrong with our patch lead so sent it off to the mob in kalgoorlie to make a ‘proper’ one,  finally got it back and tried again, same problem 🤦‍♂️
      I’m a bit disappointed as we wanted to run it over some ground on the ugly nugget patch where we have got several multi oz pieces, but the mines department here only let you keep a certain amount of ground open so we are forced to rehabilitate it without getting to test as we need to move areas.  Hopefully Yank 2 can get a replacement before his trip is over so I can try it on some other ground we have.
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